Lawd Have Mercy They Hot!-Magic Mike

Now I have yet to go see the movie, I don’t want to go alone and look like a freak so I’m trying to get my bestie to come along. Nothing wrong with a little eye candy for the hell of it or a little titillation just for titillation’s sake. Yes, I said it and I mean it. Now the movie Magic Mike, does not like it’s really deep although in an ad I heard it described as ‘the Citizen Kane of stripper movies, LOL. I wonder how Orsen Welles would feel about that? But it does look like a lot of fun and a lot of hot guys just showing off all their assets just for lil’ ol’ me. I’m humbled and think I’d be deeply appreciative. I’m not ashamed to say I love the male form and although I know no one wants to be treated like a sex object some folks are just perfect in that role. The men in this film are certainly some, really I won’t be reviewing the movie because as long as they do what they look like they doing in the doing in the ads I’m giving it a big two thumbs up. I’m telling all husbands and boyfriends do not be mad if your boo goes to see this, personally if you were smart you’d pay her way so you could later reap the benefits. Now on the men of Magic Mike.

There ain’t nothing and I do mean nothing wrong with Matthew McConaughey, everything on him is all in the right places in perfect proportions including that sweet southern twang.

Channing Tatum, Magic Mike himself, now I don’t know much about this kid except he is actually kind of cute and hot too. But I feel so ashamed because he’s probably my nephews’ age.

I know Matt Bomer is gay but that has never kept me from thinking a man is fine or hot, this man is beautiful. Those blue eyes of his are gorgeous and that manly face is enough to make you melt in your drawers.

This is Joe Manganiello, I’m not going to lie I’d never seen or heard of this man before and I really ought to be put out of the Hot Man Appreciation Club for it. I guess he’s on ‘True Blood’ on HBO but I don’t watch the show. Ahh but I will be looking for him again.

Honorable Mentions

Alex Pettyfer

Adam Rodriguez, really I have declared my lust for him in another ‘Lawd Have Mercy’ post look it up. How hot I think he is has been well documented.

Kevin Nash, the wrestler, you know I love wrestling don’t you.

 Now that I’ve done this post I’m off to see this movie, as soon as possible. Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy They Hot!-Magic Mike

  1. Ugh, Eugenia, you’re going to make me break down and see this movie. I said I wouldn’t because I’ve been stead-fast refusing to get the appeal of Channing Tatum. Apparently his dance to Ginuwine’s “Pony” is destined to be a legendary movie moment and if I make “googly-eyes” at him for the rest of my life…I’m blaming you. :p

    I understand that the budget of this movie is like $7,000,000 and NO ONE expected it to be a hit. They severely underestimated the power of beefcake. I don’t know why Hollywood insists on believing women can’t appreciate sexy men.

    If a side-effect of this movie is pointless male exploitation with lots of looking men nekkid/half-nekkid for no good reason, I am prepared to be the last woman on Earth to complain.

    • LMAO! I’m going to appreciate this for exactly what it is, mindless half naked men entertainment. Anytime I can get a peak at Matthew McConaughey’s ass I am so in like Flynn. Obviously those male producers haven’t seen women at a male strip show, it’s a party! And if there is an influx of male strip movies, I certainly will not be mad.

    • Saw it the other night and the theater was P-A-C-K-E-D. Did you get that, PACKED! There wasn’t an empty or open seat in the place. Straight women, gay men and all of their friends. I’d be surprised if this movie doesn’t make the top 5 weekend box office.

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