Let’s Hear It For Married Parents

We are forever talking about the tragedy and stupidity of single motherhood. I’d like to hear the good news and celebration of people being married parents and doing things the right way. And please don’t come on here and tell me how your friend’s cousin’s sister’s Aunt was a great single mom and the kid came out fine. I’m sorry that’s the exception not the rule.

27 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For Married Parents

  1. Wow, it sounds like someone got bald and wrong on this post. …Well, then.

    I’m glad you made this video because I for one am T-I-R-E-D of feeding attention and energy to people it really isn’t about. Black women need to make the best possible decisions for themselves and their children.

    Kudos to those that do.

    • Yea someone got offended b/c they made a dumb decision and I didn’t. Whatever. I snatched a wig right quick & that was that. Call themselves trying to insult me by calling me fat. Well, I’m a fat ass with a supportive spouse that takes care of me and that is excited about the prospect of having a child and taking care of his family instead of a nitwit who is angry b/c her baby-daddy didn’t think she was worthy of marriage but was happy to impregnate her and leave her on her own.

  2. Yep, bamboozled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some bw don’t know how to vet and invest in self interest, but some don’t want to learn either. One of my classmates is being evicted from her apartment b/c she kept dipping in her rent money to help her bm(pastor) pay his rent for 3 months and now he won’t pay her back so she can catch up on her rent….. wtf???? Paying his rent before she paid hers!!!Bamboozled!!!!!!

    • Wow! But why am I not surprised, I’ve heard this story and seen it in so many forms it’s ridiculous. Personally, I’m not concerned about the helpless & hapless they can go down with that ship of fools. I will be enjoying my happy life. I’m only interested in speaking and helping ppl that want help and have the capacity for introspection.

  3. A bw called me a “gold digger” b/c I told her that I don’t date bm and that I would only consider men that are living out their potential (got that from you) and who want to be in a committed loving relationship. I’m a gold digger because I love myself and I’m not falling for the okey doke?

    • Wow, that’s how blind many bw are becoming. Many have been so bamboozled, they are now participating in their own bamboozle. They’re mad at any other BW that don’t come along for the ride they’re being taken on. Sorry, I caught a clue long ago. Because I want to be taken care of as wife, respected & loved does not make me a gold-digger. It makes me smart. Someone asked me ‘well what do you do for your husband?’ my husband is the happiest man on earth, b/c he takes care of me, I make sure all his needs are being met and many of his wants LOL.

    • That’s what is so crazy many BW have been so bamboozled, they have decided to participate in their own bamboozle. It’s sad. When I talk about how wonderful my husband is to me, I had a BM ask me ‘what I did for him?’ as usual only out for themselves and they think everybody that way. My hubby is the happiest man on earth, believe me b/c he takes care of me I take real good care of him. That’s how it’s done in adult relationships.

      • Whenever I talk to bm and bw and they find out I date interracially the first thing they say is “he has a little dick.”,,,,,,wtf???? The bc is doomed, all the want to focus on is nonsense.

  4. I don’t know about you, but I’ve decided that some bw are flat out craaazzzzzyyyy! They want to put their head in the sand and focus on a bunch of crazy sh*t. Some bw think their lives are suppose to be ratched and f*cked up. They don’t believe that bw can live well and have committed partners and be in loving relationships. E, if they come back on here with comments, “snatch their wigs”…lol

    • You know Kola Boof tweeted something yesterday about this, how bw ate so beat down by the BC and BM they have just given up. They don’t think they deserve anything better, this person is on here trying to convince me why her wrong decision is right but she so mad about it, she projecting that rage all over me. You actually try to tell BW they are worthy and deserve more than to be a baby mama, they get mad at you. It don’t even make no sense. Yes I’m tired of hearing about the tragic and stupid, they oughtta be tired of hearing about it too. They should want more for themselves. Goddamned how do you not want more for yourself and your child, why is it that thought of finding a nice guy (no matter what race), dating, vetting him, getting married, having a family and a secure life freak some BW out so bad. Why? I’m not saying single women w/ kids can’t find husbands, it’s not easy but it’s not impossible, my Dad married my mom, she was divorced w/ three kids & he was an awesome Dad.
      Yea you know I’m an expert wig-snatcher. I go on other ppl blogs and snatch wigs, really someone thinks I’m about to back down here. Umm no!

      • They got mad at Kola for telling the truth. I rarely have anything to do with bm and the bc,,,,,way too much ratchedness. And then, like you said, they want to take their anger out on you for the bad choices that they made.

        • They always mad at her, but I’m sorry but much of what she says I see played out everyday. My parents didn’t raise us to be too ingrained in the BC, just family community & some of them will get kicked to the curb if they do some stupid stuff. I’m glad they did that, made me aware I needed to look out for my own self-interest and love myself enough to extract myself from situations that didn’t celebrate me.

      • I think the pain of realizing you are a damn fool is too much for some folks. It becomes everyone else’s fault.

        No one is perfect and no one is infallible; we all make mistakes.

        If you can’t admit this to yourself, at least have enough love to admit it to your children, because the fact is vetting and marrying as well as you can will put your child in a far better position than if you allow a man to impregnate you and fail to hold him accountable.

        Civilizations have understood this for ages and it’s a shame that people are acting brand new and trying to come to your page and pretend that the sky isn’t blue and bears don’t crap in the woods.

        • You know Toni after my marriage was over it was really tough when I realized what a fool I had been. It was hard to fess up too but you know what would have been harder, staying a fool. I am not understanding ppl’s willingness to remain dumb.

  5. E, I’m giving you a hand clap and some fingersnaps for speaking the truth. Married people who are committed to each other don’t get enough shine!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough of this baby mama/daddy ratchedness!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew this vlog was going to bring out the ratched and ig’nant in the bc!!

    • You see those comments below they’re from a conversation i was having w/ someone who is a single mother and struggling and now she mad because I told the truth. She mad b/c she didn’t make better choices. I wasn’t going to post her comments I’m not giving foolishness a platform on here. I’m telling single women now what they need to do, next time you have a baby, find a good man, vet him, have a husband, father & provider in your household and you won’t have to be mad all the time. Once again, I’m secure in my decision. I don’t have to worry about how bills get paid, how we eat, how I give my potential child what it needs. Because you know what husband/Daddy has taken care of all that. I can depend on him, he’s excited about having a baby. I’m excited about the possibility of making him a father. I cannot even stomach that someone would dare come here & try to make me feel bad b/c I and so many others I know made the right choice and they made a wrong one. Of all the unmitigated gall. Pls understand, whoever the commenter was your comments are now spam so they get auto-deleted.

    • Glamdoll, you’re right something is wrong in the blk community when people think we should celebrate foolishness, we should undergird dysfunction. Being mad at me isn’t going to make bad choices any better. The only way that is done is by next time, actually making better ones.

  6. I didn’t kick you, if you felt a kick it was probably from dude you had your baby with. Jump on him don’t project those feelings onto me. Personally I’ll take the ugly truth over a pretty lie any day. For those who want to know, once you try to insult me, anything you say is like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking, I’m done. Adieu!

  7. The sad part is that is a significant number bw, that’s why I do this blog. Because I know bw are smarter than you think, I know they can make better choices. I challenge them to do that, I give them glimpses into my own life to see how to overcome bad choices & make better ones. I don’t do victimhood here, I do empowerment & the first way you empower yourself is to take responsibility for your life & bad decisions. I’m not gussying them up here, you don’t like it. As I said before you can move the hell on. But I will not be telling any black woman that is okay procreate to any Tom, Dick, & Harry. You go out you vet a young man, you marry, then you conceive, I’m sorry that’s the way it’s been done for eons. Children need a stable home life to thrive, if you don’t think so I feel bad for you. And if the best you can do is call me fat, I feel worse for your skills as an insulter. Because fat I can lose, stupid is forever.

  8. And to the commenters stop, your comments won’t make it on here. I’m about uplifting bw not trying to put them back in the stone ages. If you’re having a tough day, you need to work that out somewhere else not with me. I didn’t do nothing to you personally, if this isn’t you then no need to be insulted. And calling me stupid b/c I made a right choice & you made a bad one & now you’re paying for it & want me to pay for it is just idiotic. Girl, get a life.

  9. You know I comment on my blog when I get comments that are crazy but I don’t put them up. To whomever it was that sent you over here with that mess, you can keep it. I’m not talking about raising kids, I’m talking about someone to support you while you have child. Because you made a choice picking who your child’s father would be does not mean that the majority of married ppl have bad a choice. I’m sorry a child w/ married parents has a better chance in this world than one w/o even divorced parents are better it’s been proven time & time again. Sorry we won’t be celebrating the stupid & tragic here. I will not be stopping anything anytime soon, if you don’t look like I have to say you are not obliged to read this blog. This is my space not yours. Now get along stupid women & feel sorry for yourselves b/c I will not.

  10. Bloody you tube is fighting me and comments lol. I agree with what you said 100% you really got me fired up! It is ridiculous and I am with you on getting sick and tired of foolishness aka stupidity and tragedy.

    • I’m fired up, I want to hear more about functional ppl, ppl doing the hard work of being married & maintaining a happy family life. Instead of folks who did it the easy way & want a pat on the back for being effed up. Umm no!

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