I have to reboot this for folks that may be lurking here, please be aware this not your space, it’s mine. I do not run a democracy blog, it’s a dictatorship. You got stuff to argue about, I’d recommend you get your own blog and do it. Don’t try to insult me because I am a sarcastic ass and not afraid to use it. Also for your insult to hurt I have to actually care about your opinion of me and well…you know the rest.

Married Girl in a Weird World

You know I’m going to have do another one these for this blog, I had to do it on my previous blog because sometimes people get out of pocket. The best I can tell people is, well it’s a bad idea to get out of pocket with me. I’m really a peace loving person with a generally relaxed nature but I can and will be very aggressive if I need be. I got a comment today from someone who took their importance in my life and blog to the next level and I had to let them know that I am NOT interested in getting in a blog fight with someone. I’m a grown ass woman and I don’t do the high school pissy chick game thing. I’m not looking for readership and not looking to gain fans. So let’s just say this, they’ve been told it’s now over. We…

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  1. LOL, it kills me when someone comes into SOMEONE ELSE’S space and starts talking a lot of nonsense, and then when they get shut down, they cry “censorship”.

    I keep checking for a tattoo that says “Congress”, because I am not the government and I don’t understand this idea that I am required to be fair to some polite poisoner, troll, variation of saboteur who isn’t about anything but harmful damaging communication.

    These people are BULLIES plain and simple, who think they can force you to accept their garbage and be “nice” to them even as they’re trying to ram a steaming pile of dog crap down your throat.

    I have no use for devil’s advocates, and subversive POVs. I can see an opinion that causes me to think about something I hadn’t considered, something really interesting and worth thinking about. But these persons are not bringing that at all, and they need to stop pretending that they are.

    If you are wrong, you KNOW you are wrong. The hemming and hawing is just for show, IMHO.

    • You know Toni this like the ‘you can’t have no black love fest over here’ article at BB&W this is the third time I’ve had to re-post this article for folks coming over here to get out of pocket. I don’t get it, no one will step in my home, my domain and piss on my rug and think I’m supposed to be grateful for the privilege. Really…umm no!

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