Now On To The Important Stuff, Baby Furniture and Names

We are a funny couple, after we got back from my first doctor’s appointment at the Maternal and Infant Care Clinic we were sitting on our patio chatting about our excitement and nervousness at trying to conceive. Then we turned to important topics, baby furniture and baby names. My husband and I are both Taurus, which just means we’re both really anal about planning. Everything for us we try to plan, I am not as bad as he is but he’s an engineer his whole life is based on planning. So as we try to get pregnant we’re already starting a plan. A plan to move into a bigger flat soon, for Matt to start going to bed at 8 pm so he can be up at night with the baby, LOL he’s going to be surprised when he finds that baby will have its own schedule, and buying baby furniture. I have to watch my husband sometimes, he can be frugal and not in a good way. So we’re pricing furniture and other baby items on the Internet. Personally I saw these killer baby diaper bags from Petunia Pickle on the website called Layla Grayce for $175.00. Hey I want to be stylish, that might cost. So we discussed furnishings and baby names.

Baby names is not really a big bone of contention for us, the kids should have a name they can spell and pronounce without having to get lessons from Hooked on Phonics. I like family names, I’m a bit of a traditionalist so family names are good. If we have a boy we will be giving him the name Lionel, my father’s name, there will be no debate on this. I personally don’t like juniors, just not my thing and my husband isn’t a fan of his first name which is not Matthew, that’s his middle name. Middle names are another story, I personally think parents should really be creative with middle names if they like, no one uses them much. So the middle name for a boy will either be Magnus, love that or Axel, Matt’s father was adopted and his biological dad’s name was Axel, what a bitchin’ name, I personally adore it. Girls we’re having trouble with the name part. I love regal names for women, Elizabeth, Victoria, Catherine but those could go wrong so fast in America and turn into Liz, Vicky, and Cathy, ugh! We’ve decide either the first name or middle name for a girl is going to be Muriel, that’s Matt’s grandmother’s name, I personally adore the name, it’s Gaelic, my mother is also demanding I give a girl child a version of her name, Brenda, which would be Brendan, it’s also Gaelic. I like it but I’m not convinced. She wanted me to name the child after me, but that seems a tad narcissistic, so I’m giving that a big NO! I also like Ingrid, Vivian, Madeline, Kristin, and Phillipa. This kid is going to have the whitest names ever but they will be able to get a job interview. I’m thinking about the future here.

You do know I’m about to write a crapload of blogs about my baby journey. Get prepared.



14 thoughts on “Now On To The Important Stuff, Baby Furniture and Names

  1. PS: I totally agree about giving kids sensible names not stupid ones. Mine are Michelle and Isabel. Simple, no fuss and NOT tease-worthy!

  2. Are you two planning on having a Taurus baby too? 🙂

    Picking out baby names is just so nerve-wracking, to me. But I hate making really big decisions like that. I can only imagine that afterward I’ll see another name I like and go “I should’ve picked that one!”

    • If we conceive at the time, we’re planning on it might end up being a Taurus. LOL. The boy name was easy, the girl name we are hsving some fun battling about.

  3. Love those classic names. I want one of those diaper bags(reminds me of something Roslyn Hardy Holcomb was looking at)

      • Love my Petunia Picklebottom bag. The one I have can also be a backpack. Amazing how handy that is when you’re loading/unloading the baby into his car seat. Yeah, they’re spendy, but for something you’ll be carrying for THREE YEARS. It’s worth the price.

        • You’re right for something I’ll be using for some years, I want it cute, functional & durable. I’m willing to pay the price or force someone else to pay it LOL.

  4. He/She is gonna have the coolest name ever. 😀 I think that some people give their child all sorts of ridiculous names (Pilot Inspektor…..PILOT INSPEKTOR?!”) because they want their child to sound special or be “different”. What they intend and what actually happens are two different things. Imagine being a child having to explain to your teacher that while your name looks like “Sh*thead”, it’s actually pronounced differently. (And yes, I heard this from a girl who went to school with another girl who’s parents named her that. :/ Yikes.)

    And there’s nothing wrong with being anal about planning for important things. …But then I’m a Virgo and we wrote the book on tedious attention to detail. ;D

    • That is child emotional abuse, why would someone do that? Hey my kid needs to be able to spell and pronounce their name and so should everyone else. What’s the worst they call Lionel, lion yea not that bad. Kid’s gotta be able to get an interview, I’m just sayin’. Glad you understand our need to plan, it may not come out perfect but I just can’t do willy-nilly.

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