Break Time!

I don’tpost on this blog consistently. As you know a few months back, I took a break for health reasons and that turned out well. I’m feeling that I need to take another break for health reasons, specifically our trying to conceive a baby. Now it’s not that I won’t check in so please heed my warning trolls that is posted on my About page. I will come back and do a special post just to out your information. To the regular readers & guests please understand as much as I love writing post and sharing information, knowledge, and laughs my family comes first. This is an important time in our lives, we need to stay focused and drama-free. As you know sometimes blogs and blogging can be stressful. I nor my doctor need me stressed right now.

So I’m going to say Adieu for the moment. I will be back to announce about the pregnancy as soon as it happens. I want to share that good news with all of you. Till we meet again, bye for now guys!




16 thoughts on “Break Time!

  1. Awesome-Sauce! Gonna miss you on here but I can’t think of a better reason. All the best to you and your dear Husband as you move toward becoming parents. So happy for you!

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