In Defense of And Encouragement for A Friend

This is for my friend, Christelyn Russell-Karazin. Don’t ever forget that you inspire.


6 thoughts on “In Defense of And Encouragement for A Friend

  1. I think that’s just it: People are mad because other people are happy and living their lives. They want to steal some of their joy by being vicious and cruel, in order to not focus on how empty their own lives are.

    But like you said, their hate doesn’t change the choices you made. And the happiness you’re having as a result.

    Ten years from now those SAME people will be in the SAME position, with nothing going on and nothing to do but talk about someone else. So, the heck with them.

    • The anger is palpable and yes no matter what they do to try to derail bw from leaving dysfunction & dysfunctional ppl behind it’s not going to happen. Ppl’s heads come clean off from anger that will not stop the exodus, yes ‘set my people free’. I’m so happy every time I see a bw w/ a non-bm I want jump & shout. We were in the grocery store I saw a bw/wm family w/ kids mom was shopping and dad was pushing the cart playing w/ little girl who was in the kid seat. Then I saw a white guy w/ two little boys shopping, kids obviously blk/white bi-racial and his. I see that all the time. The lie that non-bm don’t want bw is getting pushed to the side everyday, it’s getting proven wrong. Now they mad at the messenger b/c you know if you can’t attack the message, you attack the messenger. Well, no one is going to shut up about this & none of us are happily married to a non-bm not a one is going to leave her husband b/c fools are ranting and raving. The revolution will be televised & on the big screen too. I feel sorry for fools.

      • These people can be as angry as they want. Anger does not stop a moving train from hitting you head on if you’re in the way of it. I just picture such persons as a standing on the railroad tracks, faces screwed up in anger and with their arms indignantly outstretched.

        Clearly, it’s not going to end well for them and I can’t say I feel bad about that fact.

        • It’s going to end really bad for them but that’s okay, it’s either you adjust or you get left behind. I’m not wasting my sympathy on the tragic & stupid.

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