Consumer Alert: Bank of America Is In League With Satan

I really hate my bank, Bank of America and stuff like this is exactly why.


13 thoughts on “Consumer Alert: Bank of America Is In League With Satan

  1. I can’t stand BOA. I left them years ago. I bank with Chase, Hubby banks with Wells Fargo, and we both have a joint account with a local credit union. So far, it works for us, and I love the credit union. We got a great rate for our car loan via them, and I suggest everyone banks with a credit union.

    • I have been investigating local credit union, my husband likes the convenience of BOA but I can’t take all the shadiness. What we’d like is someone where we can do our banking, via an app. I just want to dump big banks, period.

    • I wish no military affiliation but we’re thinking of going to BECU which is Boeing Employee Credit Union, which any resident of Washington can join. I’m also investigating some local banks, at least they would invest their money locally & not take my money out of my community.

  2. Twitter will not let me send you a message for some reason, but I just wanted to let you know I hear you on what you were messaging me about. It was fishy to me as well.

    • Oh I got the messages, so I saw what you said but they are getting extra subtle. I’d keep an eye on that one b/c that whole story sounded fishy to me. If she’s up to no good eventually she’ll reveal that, they can’t stay subtle for long.

  3. Thanks for the warning but be careful about calling there name and attributing them to consumer fraud. These big companies jealously guard their reputation. I stopped my savings account with them because the cost to maintain the account proved to be more expensive than the money I actually put into the account. I closed it sometime ago but I will be looking out for what you said. By the way I wouldn’t bank with bank associated with a certain actor either they would scam my mother every month. This happened in the nineties before they became a household name. They pretended not to receive her credit card payments or deliberately applied the money after the due date just to charge her late fees. I enjoy your bloc and the advice that you give about relationships at el.

  4. If Satan were a bank, he would be BoA. That establishment is just plain old EVIL.

    I recently parted ways with my bank because they wanted to start charging me $10.00 a month for an account that is empty (I didn’t use it that much. What ticked me off was they started changing me and didn’t say anything, which I didn’t appreciate. At least notify me of the changes and let me see what I want to do. Charging someone and not feeling the need to send as much as an email was just low to me.

    You really do need to be careful when dealing banks today, a lot of sneaky stuff going on. I’m thinking the next account I’ll be opening will be with a local credit union.

    • I’m getting ready to start doing some deep investigation. This isn’t the first time I’ve had BofA do something so shady but this is just so egregiously underhanded. I can’t bank with a company that has no ethics.

    • I check that account almost everyday b/c I know how sneaky B of A is so you have to be vigilant. It had been a couple of days since I had so when this popped up out of nowhere with three months of fees on it, yea that was not going to work for me.

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