And Yes I Got My Hair Wet!

Me and my niece, after a dip in the lake. Now there’s a present joy moment experience.

A wonderful revelation happened this weekend at Moses Lake, I can get my hair wet with nary a worry.

2 thoughts on “And Yes I Got My Hair Wet!

  1. Just wanted to say you look summery with those colors and your genuine joy and happiness is radiating off of the screen. Keep doing you and saying prayers for you and hubby. #BabyBerg2013 watch is in effect. 🙂

    • I just adore you, we have got to meet. My bestie is moving to Italy next summer for a bit then on to Spain, I think she’s setting up shop there, you two must get in touch. When I bring baby Berg over there to visit for a spell, we can visit you. Thank you so much for the compliment. I used to think being this happy was just impossible something bad had to happen but you know now, I’m just enjoying it. I’m just enjoying all the joyous moments for the pure sake of joy!!!

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