Know Your Emotional Abuser: Domination

Domination is form of aggressive control in all aspects of your life. The dominating partner wants all of you and not in a good way.

4 thoughts on “Know Your Emotional Abuser: Domination

  1. Do you think, not to sound like a victim, but in the end we do choose people our mates like the parents we had. I have a very dominating mother growing. I have been hesistant to really get close to someone for fear of creating that control in my life again. I am seeking counseling but wonder if it is just a given. So many things can just seen normal, when you have been exposed to it in your formative years.

    • You can break cycles, that’s possible you can break anything you just have to realize it’s there. What you describe has a name, I forget what is now but b/c you’ve missed something as a child the weird part is we pick that again & again as adults hoping you’ll be able fill the gap. I think you need to find some books to to read about what happened to you. Although I got counseling to figure what happened to me in my marriage, once I realized I had been emotionally abused and my ex husband had narcissistic personality disorder, I started reading about it, I wanted to understand. I wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. If what your mother did to you made you anything, you can & should get help. You can be free of what happened to you, your past does not dictate your future. I thought the relationship I had w/ my ex & the boyfriends I’d had (I loved to pick emotionally unavailable ppl) was my fate but when I figured out what was happening, I got the help I needed, started to notice signs of emotionally abusive & NPD men. That knowledge & self introspection helped me to pick my husband & he’s the best ever. I didn’t think it could be this good in a relationship for me but it is. I think your mother emotionally abused you & she may have narcissistic personality disorder herself. Get on Amazon & get some information it can change your life. This won’t be easy but it’s possible. You can unlearn all that crap from your childhood.

  2. You look so cute;-)….When I left my ex husband I found out that I had been a victim of emotional abuse. Reading a book written by Beverly Engel and a support group helped me to get past that relationship and to end some other emotionally abusive relationships. great vlog!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you, I’m loving this head wrap thing I’ve been doing lately its fabulous. I love this Beverly Engel book, after I got out of my marriage. I knew something bad had gone on, I wasn’t sure what. I’d never heard of emotional abuse before just physical & verbal & sexual. Once I started to study this & the NPD thing. The light went on, I’m so glad I know what this is. I want folks everywhere to know that emotional abuse is real & dangerous.
      Oh I left you VM today. Call or text me if you get it. I think this Friday may be good if you got time.

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