Happy Anniversary, Darling

Today is our 1st wedding anniversary and it is the best. I adore this man and I can’t say enough how thankful I am to God for second chances. As most of you know I was married before and that marriage ended in divorce. It was a difficult marriage but I learned a lot about myself and marriage. What I can say about my marriage today to my husband is it’s the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me. He is the sweetest, warmest, funniest and smartest man i’ve had the pleasure of knowing and loving. We are compatible in every way which I didn’t think could happen. The love we share together is the ultimate in a great fit. I didn’t find him, he didn’t find me I have to say we were destined to be with one another but we had lessons to learn before we each could appreciate what the other had to offer fully. My husband really is my best friend. I know that may seem strange to some but I enjoy every moment we spend together and we never get weary of one another. That’s just a blessing. We spent our anniversary weekend in the same place where we spent our honeymoon Portland, Oregon. We had the best time but that’s because we always have the best time with each other. Now I must say once again visiting Portland how in love with this city I am. Being here with Matt on our anniversary once again reminds me how much in love I am with this man and yes I’m never going to let him go. I also can’t wait for the years we have to go as a couple and hopefully a family. Here’s to us, the Bergs. Thanks to everyone for all the love and support for us. We wish everyone a love just like ours deep, comfortable, and unconditional.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Matt. There is not anyone I’d want to spend forever with more than him.













13 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Darling

  1. One year!?! Woot woot! Congratulations!! Happy Anniversary!! Wishing you many more good ones together – a lifetime.
    I guess that officially means I’ve been following your blogs for about a year. I discovered your previous blog just a month or so before your wedding and I’ve been following ever since. Keep (v) blogging. You are honest and tell it like it should be told but often isn’t, I do not always agree with you but I always know I will take away something insightful.

    • Thank you, it’s okay that folks cant use everything I say. We all have our own lives to lead but I’m glad you stuck around anyway. I’m enjoying every part of my life and that part I’m thrilled about. I hope the same for everyone else.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and your Beloved! Reading this post just made me SMILE. Eugenia, you are such a wonderful inspiration and I love reading about your journey. All the best and a lifetime of love, happiness, and joy to you and your husband. Woot Woot! 😉

    • Thank you, I love telling this story not to brag (well maybe a little teehee) but to let bw know there is someone put there who will love you just for you. Who will inspire you, take care of you, bring you joy and peace, he exist my hubby is not the last good man on the planet. Every woman that is ready and desires a good, uplifting love if she opens herself up to world’s possibilities she will find it.

      • So true!!! There are over 7 billion people on this planet – all a BW needs is just ONE good man. He’s out there – and BW would increase their odds of meeting one if they only opened up their minds and hearts to the Rainbeau of possibilities that exist! Thanks for being such a great example, and for sharing your knowledge of how to go about fulfilling your relationship dreams.

        • I try and thank you. I always retweet your tweets about opening up to interracial dating. My job isn’t to choose men for women but to let women know there are lots of choices. I know a ton of great bw, who’s youth & lives are wasting away waiting for an IBM. I have nothing against bm but we have to realistic. Also God doesn’t have all the racial hang ups we do so your ‘soul’ mate could be anyone when He chooses. Thank so much for being A Swirl Girl, more women like you we can set this dating/mating world on fire.

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