Being White Is Not Enough

For black women dating interracial the guy being white should not be your only or biggest requirement. You’ve to go deeper and I’m telling you which white men you should avoid altogether.


23 thoughts on “Being White Is Not Enough

  1. VET.

    All black women should know what it means to vet and why vetting is necessary. I had the vetting conversation with a friend who ended a relationship with a DBR man some time back and is now in a beautiful relationship with a wonderful man. The difference was this time around (and with lessons learned from the previous relationship) she did some intense due dilligence (aka vetting) before saying yes to the man and starting a relationship. Vetting works!

    • Vetting works and is necessary. People do more investigating and vetting of products they are going to put in their hair than they do of men who share their lives. It’s not right. I’m doing a vlog on vetting for online dating next week. A lot of women are not properly vetting men.

  2. You touched on alot of good points. There is certainly a difference between a preferance and a fetish and white guys that are attracted to you simply because your black usually like you for his perception of what a black woman is not you as an individual black woman. So just like what you talked in the video, if your different from his perceptions of what it means to be a black woman, he doesnt understand it and not into it even if your different in a positive way. Guys like that really dont love black women, they just have issues. Some black women are so desperate just to hear the words “I love black women” that they will accept anything. I dont need to hear those words. I just need to hear that he loves me and if he says I love black women too much, thats a red flag for me. I have a preferance for white men but I dont go on and on all day about how much I love white men. I love my fiance who happens to be white but white men in general, they simply just became my primary dating pool over the years but I have no fetish or obsessions with them.

    The behavior of thirsty black women is sad but sometimes amusing at the same time. I have noticed with all the white guys ive dated that when they see us together, they try to get in his line of vision and check him out to see if he will notice and look at them too. There have even been a few times where black women have come up to us to tell us how cute we are all the while giving my date these flirty eyes. It doesnt really bother me but I do notice it and just think is it really that serious for some black women? Do they have to get some kind of acknowledgement from white men even in front of his woman?

  3. Great video! I’ve always preferred the “date a QUALITY man” rather than the “date a WHITE man” rhetoric. As you’ve so eloquently put it – just because he’s white does not mean he’s quality! Vet, vet, vet!

  4. At the end of the day, they’re men. Yes they may have some cultural differences, but they’re still men, and men will do immature things. I once dated a White physician, and he was doing the same childish antics as the Black, Hispanic, and Asian men I had dated before. His was actually worse because he had just finished his fellowship, and so he was making his “real money.” That went to his head (both of them, if you get what I’m saying). I had to remove myself from that situation quick.

    • You are not. I was shocked he asked, he knew I was still in college and single. Why would he ever expect that I should have children? But since that had been his experience, he figured that was ‘normal’ for black women. I’m telling you he thought I was so disrespectful saw my bestie downtown and told her that, of course, she reamed him LOL.

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