Stop Stinking Thinking

This video is response to this asinine comment from my video blog ‘Being White Is Not Enough‘.

Comment: “WOMEN DO THE PICKING:” okay, so I can have Brad Pitt? Sorry, but women can only pick p from the MEN WILLING TO DATE THEM. And lets not act as if the BEST men aren’t USUALLY going for looks.

Girl puhleeze! Bye with that mess.


12 thoughts on “Stop Stinking Thinking

  1. Another thought – I saw it coming too, where some white dudes would get hip to the game, so to speak, and start using some foolish bw the same way that they have been allowed themselves to be used by bm (you could see some bw erecting new pedestals…smh). This is because these bw have transferred their damaged conditioning regarding men from bm to wm. Despite the warnings that you should vet a man before allowing him into your life, a lot of bw really don’t know how to vet. I believe that it is still an amorphous concept for many. I’m glad you have that vetting video up, so that the bw who still view it as a nebulous concept will be enlightened to some extent. Vetting is a screening tool/process, and it is one of the most important ones in your dating arsenal. It is just about on par with your femininity. That’s how you separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

    • I hated to say that ‘I told you so’ about wm starting to pull the okey-doke on bw but I told you so. I kept warming about that at other BWIR sites I frequented. As soon as I started to hear more bw going ‘Oh I’m so tired of bm, they’re just so sorry. Imma get me a wm.’ I thought get you a wm to do what? Vetting is so important and I learned that the hard way with my ex-husband. I say the things I say because I don’t want any other bw to deal with the stuff I dealt with with him. I wish I had said it sooner because a lot of bw have already made the mistake of not vetting and gotten their feelings hurt. I see those stories more and more lately. It’s not fun or cute.

  2. *Standing ovation*

    Some people need to enter the real world. Seriously. And these fools harping on looks to the expense of everything else (like character…) need to buy a clue.

    “It’s character stupid.” :p

  3. Trolls be aware I don’t give warnings and I don’t post troll comments. But I am posting all your information. I don’t come on your blog and stink up the place, stay off of mine.

  4. First and foremost that comment will never see the light of day here but I can certainly give you nice verbal ass whipping while I’m on here. No one is arguing that point that there must be attraction between two ppl, dumbass! Of course, if my husband wasn’t attracted me he wouldn’t have married me. But women are in control of how the relationship goes or did you miss that part, of course you did b/c you like the woman who wrote that comment you are a stupid women who has given away all their feminine power trying to be like men or make men like you. If you’re actually a man I get it, you’re a pathetic loser, with no social skills, who doesn’t want to compete with other men, and so what you’ll die alone.
    With my husband I set the standards in my relationship and he met them, b/c I was a woman who was worthy of pursuit. It’s so sad that women don’t get that, they want love but they’re so busy throwing themselves out like sacks of meat all they’ll ever get is used.

    You are my next winner, don’t know if the email address is right but the IP address probably is. Everyone use at your leisure, I’m telling you trolls you will be exploited. I’m kicking ass and taking names LOL. IP address is

    You know I don’t bother no one and if ppl would leave me alone I wouldn’t embarass them but it don’t matter to me because really you don’t matter to me. I don’t do this for fans, I do this for me. You don’t have to like it.

  5. I wish you could see me because I’m giving you a standing ovation!! This is so true on so many levels. No one…no matter what ethnicity…will find value in you if you don’t see the value in you first. Dating is like chemistry (no pun intended) in the sense that “like dissolves like.” In order to “bond,” you need to be “structurally similar” in your attitude. Negative people will attract negative people, and positive people will attract positive people.

    BTW, I love looking at your nails in the videos, lol! I wish I could wear mine long like I normally do, but nursing school has cut that out.

    • Aww shucks! I say that all the time, we attract who we are not what we want. If I didn’t find value in my femininity there would be no reason for any man to find value in it. Thank you the compliment about my nails, my hubby loves them for back scratches LOL. I’ve been seeing your tweets about nursing school. Best of luck.

  6. Hi Eugenia,

    Do you have an email address where I can write you personally? I wanted your feedback on something but didn’t want to put it out there for the WWW to see. Looking forward to your reply, thanks:)

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