Your Right To Feel Entitled

Well this is how it all began, it starts with me defending my husband and ends with the statement ‘I am going to ruin you’ as if this is some epic battle like in the movie ‘300‘.

I know someone who is so entitled it makes my ankles itch, they itching now. Someone who believes all things and statements revolve around them. I had it out with them early this week. If you’re one of my friends on Facebook you were privy to some of my posture on the incident. They shall remain unnamed but not unconquered. Yes I vanquish with a quickness. But this blog isn’t about them and their entitlement issues. I refuse to participate in that. My blog is in general about white women’s entitlement and how man oh man I wish black women felt the same way.

See I’m not a black woman like you see on some of other black women sites, who thinks she’s ‘bottom of the barrel’. I am the barrel. Nor am I a black woman who believes she has no right to an opinion. I’m also not a black woman secretly wishing she was white either, I love being a black woman. I’m not a black woman who thinks the good life and good companionship are just a pipe dream. Baby, I’m living the dream. I’m not ashamed of my brown skin, full lips, big butt, and nappy hair and I’ve always known men of all races find me desirable but only one gets me. See this is deeper than that silly conversation over at FB where people are throwing out empty, ridiculous threats of ruining me that mean nothing. And please understand the hole you dig for me will be your own.

No, this is about black women having the right to feel entitled. I know ladies how many of you feel as Zora Neale Hurston describes it ‘black women are the mules of the world’. Aww Jesus, what a description. But see ladies you can be different, you can feel different, you can take your rightful place along side all the other non-black women of the world who are entitled. You can stop bowing down trying to convince black men you’re worthy of washing their dirty drawers while they set their boot on your neck. You can also stop slinking around trying to spare white women’s feelings and tears because you’re not willing to let her co-depend all over you. Broad I’m not ‘The Help‘. Telling you all her problems while your issues go ignored or minimized. This, as you grow old and alone while she’s telling how much she admires ‘strong black women’ who raise their kids without support because we are so happy and confident. Oh yea just wait I’ll eat watermelon and tap dance for you too. (big sarcasm)

See as a black woman you’re not supposed to have any right to defend yourself and your family. You have no right to an opinion, well at least one that’s not hers. Because well as you know she’s center of the universe and your black ass ain’t nothing but a sidekick. Lest you have an opinion, lest you defend that opinion, lest you defend yourself and be called bitter, angry, evil and aggressive. Just a tip for black women when a white woman calls you those things, she’s really calling you a nigger but doesn’t want sully her delicate white hands saying that.

When people tell you who they are, believe them the first time. (Maya said that.)

But alas black woman I have come with glad tidings. You have a right to feel entitled too. You have the right to a good life, a husband who cares, loves and supports you and your children. You have the right to stand up for yourself and other black women. You have a right to an opinion other than that of entitled white women and a right to defend it. You have a right to defend your family from other people’s craziness and lunacy. You have a right not to be talked about or down to. You have a right to feel beautiful in your black womanhood. You have a right to explore the world and experience all its wonders via travel. You have a right to be tender and vulnerable. You have a right to be angry and assertive. Black woman here’s good news.


Don’t let anyone try to tell you, you’re not. Don’t let anyone try to ‘put you in your place’. Your place is at the top of the heap baby! Don’t let them white broads tell you, you have no right to feel entitled. Don’t let them into places where you’re being celebrated because they always try to make everything about them. They’ll ask ‘why can’t I be a part of this?’ Because broad they’re celebrating you everywhere even though you don’t always deserve it. Don’t let them shed tears to somehow make you feel guilty you’re celebrating yourself not them. They have places to go, let them go there. Share this news that black women are entitled with other black women you know. Pass along this good thing. Any white woman with any sense will understand why this is necessary for black women to go this one alone. When we need them we’ll call them, just like they do us. And remember you are entitled all day, everyday. Stand in the authority over your own life.



14 thoughts on “Your Right To Feel Entitled

  1. Wow! STANDING OVATION This needs to be printed and sent in flyer to all young black women and old and girls about to enter various ages of reckoning. Amazing thank you

    • Thank you. I wish I could put this on a billboard bw are too convinced that they are at the bottom and they keep telling themselves that nonsense. Then wonder why stuff isn’t turning out right. I have take my entitled place along side every other woman of the world. No one is going to take my crown.

  2. BRAVO!!!! Very well said. Black women are only celebrated when we are the side kick, shoulder to cry on or in her place. It brings me great joy to read blogs like yours, where black women who grew up believing to be the race of last resort or second best, understand we too are entitled and deserving of love, companionship and security….keep up the good work!

  3. *clap*

    Hear, hear!

    It sometimes amazes me how mad someone will get at a black woman for daring to (1) have her own opinion about herself and (2) not yield to someone else just because that person wants her to think less of herself.

    I’ve even encountered people who knew nothing about me, but had an issue with me because looked well, smiled, and was genuinely happy and satisfied. Misery not only loves company, it demands it.

    You said 300, but that statement directed at you reminded me of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV with his “I must break you”. He lost so that didn’t exactly work out, much like with this. :p

    How pathetic can one person get, hoping to “ruin” the happiness of someone else because of their own stank attitude, because that’s what it comes down to. These people are projecting their own insecurities and issues on you. It’s always these kind of folks looking to use and hurt and manipulate black women because inside they feel low and empty and they need someone else to be less than them. So they pegged you for an easy target, and then found out how wrong they were.

    I hope she’s still trying to wipe the egg off her face! XD

    Great post, Eugenia!

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