Here’s Your Sign

Men give signs and usually very direct ones that are interested in a long commitment and marriage to a woman. Because usually they just tell you and show you by their actions.


2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Sign

  1. I’m very surprised about the fact that a lot of older men seem to want women over 30 themselves. From reading the comments on the internet and on the media, you get the feeling that men want them as young as they can get them. I wonder why that stereotype is so perpetrated?

    I am not married yet but I am fortunate to have been involved with a lot of generally good guys and have a lot of good male friends who will answer my questions. A lot of what you say also corresponds to what they have told me also.

    For me, the main way I can tell that a guy is serious or not using me for a quick lay is when I never/rarely have to second guess whether he cares or not. The moment I’m having to second guess his feelings IN GENERAL over an extended period (for younger relationships, this would be a few weeks, tops), I start thinking it may be time to cut my losses.

    Of course there are times everyone takes the other person for granted or does not care enough about certain issues, but the key for me is to look at the big picture or for patterns. Is there any doubt in my mind that he cares? Does he generally come around when I need it most, even if he might forget the little things occasionally or he might not always appear to be listening to everything I want to talk about? And this will happen, not every slight or disagreement is a cause for WWIII or a reason to rethink the relationship. Do I feel like he is making an effort (as you say he is doing some/most of the pursuing)? Is he generally patient with me and not pressuring me to do certain things? And I reassess that feeling 3 months, 6 months, a year later. Once I figure out that we share similar values, I focus on what he does to make me feel a certain way, and less on what he says.

    The real world application of this is definitely a little messier and I sometimes doubt myself, but I generally feel like I am on the right track with this. So when I hear people doing it right like you speaking on this, it makes me feel better also.

    • I’ve always been wary of men who talk too much. I know a few now who are with women, they just talk & talk they never shut up but for that talk they don’t do a damn thing. Men will tell you things and they’re usually pretty direct but then they act on that also. If it’s all talk, get the hey outta there he ain’t about nothing.

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