Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-Classic Crushes

I know, I know most of these folks are either dead or really old. But I have some great classic crushes, as you may know I am a classic movie fan and oh no one can do it quite like these men. In my old blog Single Girl in a Weird World I had one dedicated to the hotness of Cary Grant and let me say there is no man even to this day that can come close the classic hotness of Cary Grant, he was funny, self-effacing, a gentlemen, rugged, handsome, debonair, smooth, yea that’s swagger that we will never see again. But I have lots of classic crushes and I want to share them with you. Don’t ask me what it is about these old movie stars, I guess it’s the glamour and charisma. The handsome man’s man, sweeping women off their feet. Yes I know it’s all fairy tale but darn it it’s a fairy tale I like. So enjoy my classic crushes and share some of your own if you have any. And this is just small sample of my list please check my Pinterest board Lord Have Mercy and you can gaze on what I think is hot and handsome, modern and classic


I have always, always since the beginning of time had a thing for Joseph Cotten. So handsome.

Sir Laurence Olivier, gone gimme some, you don’t nothing about suave like that. Gasp and swoon!

I pretty much could have just eaten Robert Mitchum with a spoon.

Errol Flynn, now this man was a crush of my mom’s as a child and I know why.

James Dean, ahhhhh!

Clark Gable, I think I’m going to start weeping. Where have the men like this gone to, where are they?

Steve McQueen, I love this man I really do not because he’s hot and a great actor but he had black girlfriend. Bet you didn’t know that?

Do you know who that is? That’s a very young and handsome, John Wayne.

The beautiful Elvis Presley.

The incredibly sexy Yul Brynner, where I got my thing for bald men.

Gary Cooper, yea I’ve caught the vapors.

The handsome Gregory Peck, it’s too much to look on.

Kirk Douglas, that’s as sexy and handsome as they come.

And last and certainly not least, Sean Connery, the look and the voice yea that just sealed that up.

Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot!-James Franco

I love me some James Franco, hey I do! I mean I got a real jones for him, don’t ask me when it happened…oh yea you can ask, because I know and it’s not when you may have thought. It was when he and Seth Rogen (who I also love) starred in Pineapple Express. I know what you’re thinking ‘Pineapple Express?! But he was a pothead in Pineapple Express.’ Yes but all that doesn’t matter, he was funny and his character, Saul, was cute so yes I just started to have a movie star crush on him. And yes, he sucked hosting the Oscars with Anne Hathaway but even that I can excuse because he did that after his studies at Yale. The man is smart and funny and a great actor and yes, he’s effing hot! Look at that sly smile and twinkle in his eye. Yeah he wouldn’t have to ask good and I’d be all over that like a cheap suit. Yes I saw him in Spiderman (all of them), so what!  It’s Saul I love.  And it’s that character that just made me want to know more about James Franco and his sexy hotness. Yes I have a jones for James Franco, if you don’t get it and can’t understand too bad. He’s got something of James Dean in him except funnier. I’m still not ever going let go of my lustful thoughts of quirky hotness go. I mean really, look at him, you could just sop that right up with a biscuit. Ladies, please stare on at Mr. James Franco. Really, do I have to convince people about this?!


Throwback Post: You Don’t Have to Live With Your Mistake Forever

This blog post was published on Single Girl In A Weird World on April 17, 2011.

I certainly love being a woman, it’s a spectacular adventure. We have some personality qualities that are certainly needed in this harsh world. Our caring, sensitive nature is to be admired but sometimes we can take things a little too far. I did a blog awhile back on being a people-pleaser, It’s Not Easy Being Pleasing which can leave you just dry with nothing to give and today I wanted to talk about our mistakes. Like most of you, I’ve made mistakes nothing I waste my life regretting but certainly something I wish had made a wiser decision regarding but then again if I had I wouldn’t have learned a much needed lesson. One of the things about making a mistake and the most important aspect is learning from it. I’ve learned from my mistakes, some of those lessons were hard but the best part is I found strength and resiliency I didn’t know I had while going through it.

But here’s something that most women may not realize or think that they shouldn’t do because really as women we are trained to be self-sacrificing, so the majority of us come into relationships many times giving way more than we’ll ever receive. But the point is you don’t have to live with that mistake forever. I know it sounds simple but when you look around at other people, especially other women you know notice how many of them are living with their mistake, no matter what that may be. It may be a husband, boyfriend, job, or friends they’ve decided to be nice and congenial and just live with the mistake. As women we sacrifice life, happiness, health (mental and physical) not to make people mad, to just stick it out because we think the situation can be saved although no one but us is in the saving business, we don’t want to quit, we think other people will think poorly of us if we move on with our lives. When I left my marriage one of the things told to me by someone was since I was Christian I shouldn’t get a divorce. First and foremost, thank God that I actually know God on a personal basis so I knew that was crap, God never meant for me to emotionally abused and close to losing my mind to honor Him. Thank God, I didn’t believe that lie. God is not meaning for your life to be an ongoing struggle with someone who doesn’t do anything He requires of a excellent man or husband. I’d made a mistake, I’d used my judgment and married a person not meant for me. It was bad judgment but the one thing I did know was God did not mean for me to forever live with this mistake and be miserable and crazy.

You can admit the mistake, rectify and start again it’s never too late to make your life better, happier, more productive, less stressful, and more full and loving. It can be done and it’s a wonderful thing when it is done. I’m not talking about being selfish, selfish is when you keep yourself, someone else, your kids in a terrible situation. When you take care of yourself, you’re better equipped to take care of others when you love yourself enough to give yourself permission to live a good life. You can give more, because you have something to give. Now that I’ve moved on from a bad relationship, everything is better and I do mean so much better. I can give more to everyone without sacrificing the best parts of me but the best part is when I give now I get so much in return so I’m never lacking, when I give, I get more than I ever gave that’s the way to give. Giving is not supposed to leave you with nothing and dry, giving is supposed to replenish you so you can keep giving. But do me a favor if you’re giving yourself, the best parts of you as a woman to a mistake just stop it. Once time is gone it never returns, you’ll never get that time back and if your conscious is nagging you it’s God trying to tell you that you can turn this thing around and get on the road to a joyful life.