Blog and FB Page LOVE-BWWOB

One of the Queens of Satire I’m giving FACEBOOK Page Love Ms. Dee Dee Russell who is the page owner of Black Women With Other Brothers (BWWOB), check it out and like that page. It’s got great information for black women who are whirling and swirling.


6 thoughts on “Blog and FB Page LOVE-BWWOB

    • Thank you Cher, I know you’re about that as well as myself. Black women will not come to my space and be attacked by those who hate us and want us dead. That’s what I appreciate about you guys, it’s important for black women to be treated well because WE matter.

  1. Thank you for the shout out, Married Girl appreciate it! That pages has thousands of lurkers everyday more Likes everyday its a loving, tight ship no trolls no debating, satire … more and more naughty stuff. Nonconformity is needed. All swirlers don’t go to church or have kids, lol. Different tastes and perspectives for young ones to chose from. Love, DDR

    • I just love that you keep a safe place for black women, there aren’t enough of those. The last thing with all the attacks that come at us in everyday life is to go on the web and be attacked in a place that is supposed to ‘celebrate’ us! BWWOB is just a great place for newbies to get the lowdown good, bad and ugly. And you are most welcome.

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