Nice Is Not Kind

I’m not sure women are aware but niceness can and is used as a manipulative tool by men.


7 thoughts on “Nice Is Not Kind

  1. Kindness means sincerity, whereas you can be nice and totally insincere. But this video wasn’t about our President ( who I actually like) or Tyler Perry, who I could care less about. Neither of these ppl are needing to or trying to date bw. I’m talking about the continued perpetuated myth of the shy wm among bw which is actually getting many bw who are swirling more hurt than the POTUS or Tyler Perry combined. That’s what I am speaking on, I am less worried about about other folks they have less impact on our lives and mental health, specifically the POTUS who is not that big of an impact on anyone but you’d have to understand politics to understand that, than the men we choose. I’m also not saying there not kind wm and non-bm but there are also many that are taking advantage of bw running game with the shy white guy crap. I see and hear about it all the time. Also please check put my ABOUT page, I know you may have gripes about life but please I implore you don’t try to push agendas here. I will be taking this post down b/c it’s totally off subject. I certainly appreciate you as reader and commenter but I don’t want things too off track.

      • That’s okay, I feel your frustration on some issues but there are, at least to me, many real problems we as bw face everyday. And talking about surface stuff like the POTUS and Tyler Perry just distracts from real deep issues that bw are having in life, dating, mental health all those things. The POTUS & TP ain’t gonna help any bw get her life together. I think so many BWE/BWIR are looking on the outside waiting for everyone else to change so we can get ourselves together, which is futile. No one is going to change shit about themselves so bw can be happy. That comes from the inside out. You can’t change others but you can change yourself. I’m going to be doing more in a series on Boundaries, stick around for that I think you may enjoy it. You’re welcome here but there are times when I do surface crap, that’s not really meaningful this is not one of those times. And one thing you are right about, I’m not always nice when I tell the truth, nice isn’t going to help anyone but I do what I do b/c I want bw joyous in their lives and being kind to themselves for a change.

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