Throwback Post: Do Not Interracially Date Someone that Hates

This blog was published in Single Girl In A Weird World on August 10, 2011

I cannot give this warning strong enough to black women who are or have decided to open up your options in dating. I cannot give this warning strong enough to any non-black man that has decided to date black women. DO NOT and I repeat do not waste any of your precious time dating a person that hates the people of the opposite sex in their own racial category or the folks of their same sex in yours. What that means in clear English is if you date a white man and he hates white women or black men don’t date him. He’s got issues and problems and probably hates all women. That’s dangerous for women. If you’re a Latino man and you date a black woman and she hates black men or Latino women, run, don’t walk for the door. I don’t care what anyone says, you may not have a preference for certain people in dating and mating but the pure hate thing is just weird and a red flag that this person is either trying to get back at the men and women of their race and you’re being used, dumb ass.

I really liked the fact that Matt didn’t have some seething hatred for white women or black men while I may not want to date black men, I’m not on the hater-ade wagon. Really as I’ve said before I really could care less what black men are or are not doing and with whom. I regularly read and peruse some BWE and BWIR blogs and lately have seen more and more black women commenting who seem so bitter towards black men and white women in particular. As usual, things I would never do I don’t understand why other people do nor do I care to understand. I am not trying to drag bitter baggage into a relationship, no one wants that. I’ve also come across white men who were really hating on white women and I was like ‘no thank you, I’m not trying to participate in your bitter party’.  Really folks need to work out those issues before they even hang out with the rest of humanity. No one wants to be someone’s second choice because they’re mad at Jerome or Becky. Also no man is going to take me out like a show pony to make random women who have rejected him mad. I refuse to be used in such a disgusting manner. Now some people are okay with those of kinds of games but I’m a grown ass woman and I’m not going there, EVER. So if you meet these people and notice their conversation seems to revolve around how black men aren’t this or white women aren’t that, you tell them to ‘strap that to their ass and get to walking’ LOL.

This public service announcement brought to you by Eugenia, Long-Time Swirler.


3 thoughts on “Throwback Post: Do Not Interracially Date Someone that Hates

  1. Hi, there! I came across your blog thru Beyond and Black and White. I realize though I watched one of your YT videos awhile ago, so I was like “Oh, it’s her!” lol I wholeheartedly agree and I decided to awhile ago not be stuck in resentment mode. It’s definitely not easy and it’s quite painful facing some unsavory aspects of my personality: facing anger, shame and guilt at being angry. I think I thought all I had to do was cut off toxic DBR BM and others in my family and social circles but I realized I had to go a lot deeper. I decided to become completely self focused, basically seeing myself as beautiful and loveable and not going into worry mode about what others may be thinking ( I like meeting new people and social anxiety ruins that). I want to become the lover I seek: someone whole,self determined and happy. *sigh* I just realized that it’d be best for me to steer clear of black community horror stories if I can avoid them since they put me in resentment mode. I’ll know I’m fully healed when I don’t feel the need to rant at every injustice I hear (less trigger happy in general with my criticisms). I’ve decided to put complete focus on my passions, on what enhances my well being and fulfilling my promises to myself.

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