Star’s Favorite-Photos: the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama

Look at this photo of our First Lady, Michelle Obama, I’ve seen it floating around the web featured on Facebook pages and blogs but I love this photo of her. I love our FLOTUS more than I do our POTUS there’s something about her and in this photo you see it, really Barack over there having a good time but you could cut him right out the photo and this would still be completely bad ass. Look at her stance, her coolness, she’s so calm in this photo. She is just too cool for school, I love it. You know what she looks like, she looks care-free. I know why so many people hate her because she’s care free. Those long fingers in mid-snap, she’s working that look and those hips. She’s care free in that look and you know folks hate a care free black woman. Let’s be for real, people hate other care free people and she’s so classy and sophisticated. As a black woman that just shouldn’t be, at least for most folks. Now if this was a struggle photo of a black woman, folks would celebrate it. If she was obese black woman grinning like the joker that would be okay, that would be comfortable for people. But no, she’s care free, good looking, classy, sophisticated black woman and no, no, no we can’t have that. I love this photo and that’s why I featured it because to me she’s all the wonderful things in this photo there is to say about being a beautiful, honorable, stable, loving black woman, wife and mother. So suck on that haters.


16 thoughts on “Star’s Favorite-Photos: the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama

  1. I tend to say this to myself when I encounter “negative idolization” (a.k.a. hating): “People hate me ’cause they ain’t me.” I’m sure Michelle Obama says the same thing to herself :).

    • ‘Negative idolization’ never heard it quite put like that, i like that description, I’ll be using it again if you don’t mind. Yes, I’m sure she does because she always looks at peace with herself. I know that’s why many do hate her, ppl just tend to dislike ppl who are too happy and at ease with themselves.

      • Sadly, I’ve encountered more “negative idolization” via blogging than in my real life. Since Michelle is always in the media, I’m sure she feels the same. When parts of your life is put on blogs, websites, etc., outsiders feel the need to grow big “e balls” because they would never say that crap to your face, and they just hate. It’s sad because while they’re hating, we’re busy living our lives and carrying on.

        • A bunch of ppl have come to my blog to someone straighten me out, I’m not in the habit of taking advice from unwise ppl. So I just trash it and keep going. I have to actually respect the person talking to respect their opinion.

    • She is, when I first saw this photo I was mesmerized by it, by her calmness and that look of serenity on her face. Oh I just love that photo b/c usually she looks happy, excited, the look of a First Lady. But it was like her guard was down in this, you see this care free, sexy woman it was great.

  2. I love Michelle O!! She always keeps it classy. She’s a beautiful role model for bw….smart, beautiful, classy….total bad ass.

    • I just find this photo so striking of her. I know I’m going to probably get much haterade from this post but it will never see the light of day here. But I can’t say how beautiful, classy and cool I think she looks in this photo, all day, everyday.

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