I Dislike Manipulators but I Hate A Martyr

I really hate when people use the manipulative tactic of martyrdom to get needs met out of obligation and fear instead of loving kindness.

2 thoughts on “I Dislike Manipulators but I Hate A Martyr

  1. Amen, amen, amen! You are so right and I’m glad you made this point. Martyring is going into debt in advance, usually to curry favor with an abuser or a manipulative person. Then the martyr appeals to their friends or family to bail them out. That’s basically a transfer of resources from the good people to the abuser, using the martyr as a conduit. Martyrs will make it look like they had no agency in the matter, but make no mistake, martyrs and abusive people are two peas in a pod.

    I totally understand what you mean too. Sometimes I’ll accept kindness from other people, and while I appreciate it, it doesn’t make me obliged to them.

    • Yes, yes And yes. Martyrs are abusive ppl, two sides of the same coin. If folks try to be nice to me in hopes of keeping me obligated, I’m not kidding we’re done, through. They are out of my life completely and I have done it to ppl playing martyr. It’s manipulative and evil.

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