Men Aren’t Women-Part 1

If you act like a man, you will be treated as such. Take back your femininity ladies. Also please check out this article by Toni M, one of my frequent posters on here and contributor at Beyond, Black and White called “Macho” Little Black Girls: The Anti-Femininity War on Black Women it speaks profoundly on this issue also.

6 thoughts on “Men Aren’t Women-Part 1

  1. Also, I know some people find my point of view to be a bit old fashioned, but I really don’t care, this is not how I was raised, and though I was hardly your average girly-girl growing up, I had respect for myself and other people. I HATE that it has become fashionable to be disrespectful. Manners are “old fashioned”, and though women want to reject gender norms and imitate men, for SOME reason, I can’t figure out, they want to imitate the worst characteristics. Behaviors uncouth, undesirable, and unsafe in men.

    This is what I don’t understand.

    I do feel that much of this behavior can be blamed one what you were talking about in the video (mothers not raising their daughters to carry themselves well), but also this backward belief that femininity is not for black women (bull), and that black male machosim (DBRness) is something to emulate because it’s superior to black femininity.

    I dunno. We also see mothers encouraging ultra-feminine behaviors in their black sons, while shunning their daughters.

    Gender roles and norms are topsy turvy, but black women STILL get the short end of the stick when they participate in this backwards behavior. :/

    • Yes it is an absence of men that will make daughters she-males b/c then they are convinced there’s no one there to honor or protect them and they know no one’s there for their mom. So you get this thing, all these rough girls. And seriously coddled boys. I’m telling you the blk community is bizarro world, everything is backward.

      And no none of this helpful to bw. I was discussing this w/ someone else. BM for the most part already a lot of hatred and resentment toward bw, w/ many bw wanting to act as men they will be taking it out on them.

      • “BM for the most part already a lot of hatred and resentment toward bw, w/ many bw wanting to act as men they will be taking it out on them.”

        I wonder if in some ways this is a mental trap. Where you get BW to act this way to give those DBR BM an “excuse” to beat up on women. Really angry and abusive men need little excuse to hurt someone, and it’s just another way in which these girls and women are encouraged to make themselves bigger targets to people desiring a way to act out their hatred.

        • It’s all kind of a sick dysfunctional circle. In the blk community it’s pretty boundaryless so ppl can’t think twice about honoring boundaries nor do they most folks know how to set up appropriate healthy ones. So many things in the majority of the blk community are so backward and abnormal. But to tell the truth it would be easy for any man to hit a woman like that and not face repercussions. Even if he was white b/c the blk community wouldn’t be mad about her being a woman no one would protect her femininity, they would do a jump off to be pissed about white men and make a statement about her blackness. And in doing that she’s still not treated feminine. It’s like a Catch-22 almost.

  2. Great video, Eugenia!

    I agree: You can’t actively discourage the femininity in your black daughters and have them going out attacking and abusing people, and then be surprised when you push the wrong people. Because as I said elsewhere: Not everyone cares once you cross the line.

    Even if you don’t want to be “girly”, you are responsible anyway for how you carry yourself. “Machoism” is dangerous to men. MEN who are much stronger than your average woman. So then, how then logically can women go around believing that this behavior is somehow more safe in women?

    I think the delusion where this is concerned is in the desire to be feminine when “convenient”. The “convenience” depends on the other party. And often where these hyper aggressive black women are concerned, the other party isn’t interested. So, I feel that it’s a problem that should be seriously considered, because it’s going to get a lot of black girls and women hurt and killed.

    • Thank you, I was inspired by your post on BB&W (I need to link that here) and when all this happened with the bus driver in Cleveland.

      I also don’t get women’s obsession with taking the very worst of men. There are a lot of things admirable about men, why not emulate their admirable qualities. But no, these women just want to the machismo/hyper masculine ones which are all dysfunctional.

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