Men Aren’t Women-Part 2

Needing closure from a man after he dumps, will leave you either hurt feelings or lies or both.


4 thoughts on “Men Aren’t Women-Part 2

  1. Few things make my head hurt like trying to explain to people that they need to get over fixating on people who DON’T WANT YOU.

    “Women can’t take rejection!”

    YES! This is exactly it.

    Some people really have no sense of self. Self-pride, self-interest, or a good self-esteem. They honestly look for relationships to make them “complete”. There is this romantic notion that is peddled that love “completes” you, and that’s why you have women who feel so empty after a break up, because they feel incomplete without a guy who they knew less than 90 days. :S

    I think the “closure” is a code word for feeding pre-existing insecurity. If you are insecure with issues, you get the sense that you are nothing unless you have someone affirm the idea that you are worthwhile.

    I agree, it’s definitely a problem, and one someone should fix before even trying to get with anyone else. o/

    • You just said everything I was saying in that video succinctly, thank you. Many women’s compelling need for closure is b/c many women have issues w/ rejection and self-esteem. Why would I ever in life be interested in knowing why some man I barely have a couple of months dating doesn’t want or like me. It’s so not necessary.

      • Yeah. And the flip-side of that is being expected to “fix” a man who has issues from here to Mexico.

        No puedo.

        I do not care if it makes me mean that I have no desire to play Bob-the-Builder or Dr. Girlfriend to anyone. There are some emotional vampires out there, who will try and guilt you into feeling that there is something wrong with you for excluding persons with severe mental and emotional problems.

        The truth is, you’re playing with your life.

        Look at the men who lose their job, can’t cope and go home and kill their wife and kids. Or the women who snap and drown their kids because they’re angry at their husband. You don’t even have to get to the commitment stage: Say “no” to some of these people and they go off the deep end.

        And I really do feel like this culture of dating where you instruct emotionally fragile persons to mold themselves into pretzels for someone else, especially to capture someone who doesn’t want them, is a problem like you said.

        I think if more people realized this, the world would be a less messed up place right now.

        • I’m telling you this all has to with boundaries. I really wonder what the world would look like if everyone had healthy boundaries? So many ppl have needs and that’s okay we’re human we’re supposed to have needs and the need for human connection is one of the greatest. But b/c of other factors mostly beginning w/ family many haven’t been taught how to get those needs met in a healthy way, so we just do it in unhealthy ways. So all the martyring, controlling, passive-aggressive, co-dependent stuff is just ppl getting needs meet in unhealthy ways. There’s just too many women fixing men, really a bunch of men that don’t want to be fixed and are resentful of it. But b/c they’ve not been told how to adequately express their needs as men you get some of these fools we got now, trifling, confused, passive aggressive, hyper masculine, abusive, manipulative men. Aww it’s a quandary.

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