14 thoughts on “Do You Feel Sexy?

  1. I think it comes from having innate abilities and being surrounded by people who fill you with positivity. When you feel good, you tend to want to look good and be confident.

    • Being surrounded by positivity and making sure you’re surrounded by positivity makes a world of difference. That’s something we can actually control as adults so we should.

  2. Another great post! I am learning more and more to focus on the positive and stop beating myself up about what I consider to be the “negatives.” Most of the time the things we fuss over and are concerned about are not noticed or viewed in the same by by the people who love us – and they are the ones who truly matter.

    PS – Girl, you said you didn’t feel well, but your skin is glowing! And you are rocking that lipstick! πŸ™‚
    Hope you feel better soon.

    • Oh good as long as I’m not looking gray. LOL. I’m going to give the secret of that lipstick next vlog b/c it’s actually hot pink.

      I know we obsess about all kinds of silly things. I’d like to lose some weight but I don’t want to kill myself trying to do it and yo yo dieting damages your body. Either eat healthy or don’t. But I must be thankful for this body, it’s strong and has endured much especially having a chronic disease 31 years. Yes as I mature I find so much more to love about myself. Ain’t confidence the best!

      Thank you for the well wishes on my way to see the doctor tomorrow,

      • Keep us posted on your progress. You’re such an inspiration. I love your vlog and think you and your husband are the bees knees! I’m certainly praying for you and look forward to seeing some baby pictures in the future! πŸ™‚

        • We will, it’s a slower process than I imagined and you have to be precise. Thanks so much the compliment, we do our best. We’ve been having a slight issue with the in-laws lately (his family, not mine) and its first big test of our marriage but we’re coming out a stronger couple. I’m proud of us. Other than that we’re doing well, it’s just how marriage works. But I’m so glad I married this man, many others wouldn’t have the fortitude to stand up and be strong in the face of pressure.

  3. OMGGGGGG THE BUNNY/KITTY (?) EARS! πŸ˜€ Adorable.

    I hope you feel better soon. ❀

    As for dieting, I try and eat as well as I can and get regular exercise. I "cheated" today because it's Halloween and you can't hold candy on Halloween against me. Come on, now. XD

    People should be able to enjoy themselves and I actually find that NOT denying myself and not beating myself up has helped me in a lot of ways. And it turns out that going overboard and binging is more likely to happen with excessive denial. Your brain is hardwired to override your willpower when it comes to getting what it wants. This is why so many people fail when they try the crash diets or the fad diets: Your body was not built for that. You have to do what's best for your body, and at the same time give your body what it wants when it wants.

    To answer the question, I have my vintage, curvy style going and I have to admit that I DO feel sexy and confident. This is pretty much my mental theme song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RylzPrS3WpE

    It's not necessarily about how pretty you are, but how you feel about yourself. And I do think that it's about feeling good about yourself in the present and not waiting to reach a certain weight or waiting for approval of other persons to feel good about yourself. This is why some thin women remain insecure: They thought that with weight loss there would be an automatic increase in self-worth. Some women's self-worth is tied to their weight and what others think of them. But this is a fallacy.

    Take care of yourself, but understand that inner beauty and confidence is something that relies on YOU and how you feel, and it is as you said, exuded outward.

    • Those are kitten ears, no nose or whiskers today. LOL.

      Dieting don’t work as I said above, either eat healthy or not. As a diabetic I can’t indulge in sweets like most ppl but the odd piece of pie I’m not passing on. It keeps me from gorging a whole pie. Fad diets are terrible, they’ll kill you and usually you just put back on all that weight. I’ve never seen a person that regularly diets, not dieting nor have I ever seen one that’s sustained any weight loss. That’s why they are always dieting.

      As my confidence grew so did my attractiveness to decent men. When I was needy & desperate, I attracted terrible ppl my ex husband being one. I want bw to think more of themselves, we’ve got to do that if we don’t we’ll be even more subject to the abuse of blk community and these bm that seem to love beating up random bw. Only self confidence and self esteem keeps you out of those situations. If you have self confidence you have no craving for respect from a disrespectful man-child. That would be worth nothing to a woman who is self-confident b/c you’d always get respect from worthy individuals. Amen and hallelujah!

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