Get Out and Get Your Flirt On

Ladies the first rule of flirting is to SMILE, if I could get black women to do this, the rest would be easy. (I’ve been known to wink at men too.)



4 thoughts on “Get Out and Get Your Flirt On

  1. I meant to comment on this blog before but YES to what you’re saying. I understand that some women are not naturally smiley and even situations where it’s unfair or to your detriment to be so.

    However…this isn’t about that.

    I’ll never understand why black women drudge up scenarios that have nothing to do with what you want if what you want is to meet non-BM and not be single.

    Maybe it’s because “a big smile” seems almost too easy and women think something more complex must be involved?

    • I don’t either, I’m not talking about walking around grinning like an idiot. I’m talking about in the appropriate situation. I swear when you tell bw to smile, they immediately start complaining about ‘well, I don’t like smiling’ or ‘you can’t smile in these hoods’ yea silly person I get that but if you’d like to meet somebody you’re gonna have to show some indication of interest. Unless, of course you plan on hitting him on the head & dragging him back to your lair.

      Don’t get me started on the unreasonable fear of rejection. Geez Louise, we get rejected in so many different ways all the time it’s ridiculous. You know you have to flirt even after you meet the man, when you go a date with him you’ll still be flirting unless you go straight to the drama of your life you still have to flirt. Just smile, smiling is the easiest thing in the world, but I swear tell bw to do it and they break out in hives. I don’t get it. You know I say if rejection is so terrible, just go in the house & don’t come out. Because if you really want to meet someone you’ll have to get ready for rejection, just face the pain & move on it’s not half as bad as ppl seem imagine.

  2. Great video blog! “Rejection is God’s protection!” You couldn’t have said it any better. In the past, I’d wonder if something was wrong with me; however, I have learned better and your video only confirmed it. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome. There is nothing wrong with being rejected, it’s part of life. We’re rejected in many different facets of life, we have to be mature enough to be able to handle it without breaking completely down or fearing it.

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