Star Does A Review-Skyfall

SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT!!! I am giving this warning out if you have not seen the new James Bond movie, please stop reading this right now. I will be giving spoilers in this review and I don’t want people pissed at me because they didn’t stop reading when they needed to.

20121112-203634.jpgFirst I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Now I could go on about how the story was so good and it was or how everyone acted so well and they did but really this is a James Bond movie all you want to now about is the action. Skyfall was excellent and I am more and more convinced as time goes on, Daniel Craig is one of my favorite Bonds, right up there with Roger Moore. I love him, the man is gorgeous with that lived in, well-worn face. I mean Daniel Craig looks like he’s been in a couple of fights but it doesn’t take anything away from his sexy, in fact, it enhances it. His face is what they call the ‘bulldog face’ which is supposedly super attractive to women. I don’t know about that but that face, them baby blue eyes and that body is a heady combination. I was so surprised by this movie it really did take me to some places I wasn’t expecting.

The story was simple but good, Javier Bardem, played the nemesis, a bit of a dandy but an excellent psychotic. To tell the truth you feel a little sympathy for him. Now that’s what I always call a good story, one where the writer and director make you sympathetic toward the antagonist. Javier Bardem plays really good psychos anyway, did you see him in No Country For Old Men, he was brilliant. His character Silva was cold, calculating but you could see why he’d been driven to this terrible thing. Also as usual, Craig made Bond real, not such a caricature, I’ve always liked a more tough, fairly anti-social, psychotic Bond. It’s hard to believe that someone could kill so indiscriminately and still be fairly right in the head. Craig does Bond justice and he’s not always someone you want to like. But in this movie we get some of Bond’s background, not alot you don’t want to go sappy but just enough to know how he got the way he got. Although I wished they would have fleshed out the Bond ‘bad’ girl a little more and given he and Naomie Harris an actual love scene, I wasn’t disappointed in the sizzle between those two. Since she’s the new Moneypenny, you couldn’t have them go too far, it’s always been tease between Bond and Moneypenny. But you know what did surprise me was ‘M’ played by Judi Dench dying, I was bowled over but it’s time to move on to new things. Such is life. Ralph Fiennes is your new ‘M’ and looking dapper doing it.

The movie is part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Bond franchise centers around the battle between the old and the new and how although new is great for innovation and inventiveness sometimes we have to honor the old because it works. Knife, anyone? I did adore this film, I loved the whole movie. Daniel Craig rocked the hell out of those Tom Ford suits, his body was designed to wear a suit. I must say the scenes were great, the cinematography on the fight in the dark was spectacular, the juxtaposition of who the character of Bond is and what he does was expressed well there, you couldn’t tell who was the bad guy and who was the good guy. That’s what I like about 007. I hear he’s signed up for two new Bond movies. Till next time James.















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