Youth Whores!

Gotta love a youth whore. It’s deeper than that ladies, so much deeper. This article misses a bunch of marks and may be opening black women up to some emotional abuse.


6 thoughts on “Youth Whores!

    • I’ve read a few articles on the web that blame or make fun of Petraeus’ wife including repeatdly posting photographs showing how drab she looks compared to the ‘confirmed’ and ‘alleged’ mistresses. One article went as far as satirising the situation.
      No one knows the events in a marriage except the two people in it. Everyone else is a spectator and anything they have to say is speculation.
      I never fail to be amused by those who blame the wife citing reasons such as ‘she lost her waistline’, ‘she did not make the effort’ to wear make up or go to the gym, she was too aggressive or too compliant… ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Very few articles have called out Petraeus for his behaviour; they’ve laid the blame at everyone’s feet except Petraeus -wife was too drab, mistress was shameless in pursuit, FBI was too nosey and invasive. Them and their excuses have stripped him of any agency in his extramarital affair as though he is a victim of his power as a man and a military general.
      How about writing; “Petraeus you took vows of honour, fidelity and love (and unless you drafted your own set) you promised your wife in sickness and in health, for better and for worse until death do you part (for the religious). You Petraeus broke those vows. You had the choice, you could have walked away but you chose not to.” It’s not the wife or the mistress or the FBI, it’s the man.
      Disturbing for me is the fact that most of the articles attacking or blaming said wife are written by women! We women really should know and do better. Most of us have had a bad day when we’ve felt weak, exhausted, ugly, fat, underweight, insecure or unintelligent. Days when family or friends have betrayed us. As women we’ve experienced one of those days, therefore it is shameful to know that writing those horrific and damning statements to or about Petraeus’ wife come so easily to women. Tsk tsk.
      Great vlog!

      • Thank you and yes to all you said. This is real life, not Hollywood and age happens whether we want it to or not. The implication that I’m somehow competing with every other woman in the world for my husband is ridiculous. We’ve made vows to each other, the competition is over, I’ve won him & he’s won me. Me keeping myself together is for me although he receive s from benefit from it. Too many women are jumping through hoops of fire for partners b/c they’re co-dependent and that’s not healthy.

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