Lawd Have Mercy, He Hot-Channing Tatum

Now ladies this is a surprising pick, even for me. I can’t say I’ve always been a fan of Channing Tatum. I thought he was cute but he always seemed a tad low-budget to me. Okay, it’s the snob in me but really he just seemed like the poor woman’s sex symbol. But I just got through watching him doing moves on Magic Mike that would make your tongue wag. He’s also been dubbed this year’s Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine, not a bad feat. He’s in nice company, I think Ryan Gosling got it last year. Yes, Mr. Tatum has grown on me, to say the the least. It’s the slightly baby face thing he’s got going on, but enough of a man to know you wouldn’t be committing a crime.  I mean he’s sexy and with those moves and a body  like that, yowza! I think I’d like to go a little low budget for a second. He looks dirty, not in a funky sort of way, just like a dirty boy. The kind that sweats in the bedroom from working so hard, yes my imagination is running away with me. Isn’t yours running away with you when you see him? Don’t lie, you know you’d pay him for some time. He’s the kind of man you’d give up your car keys to and he wouldn’t even need a license. I am impressed and maybe the snob in me would like a little low budget dirty, it’s not always a bad thing. So ladies, I’m proud to present a new object of lust for me especially for you, Channing Tatum.


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