Can Black Women Be Carefree? Yes They Can.

I don’t see enough carefree black women but we certainly have the right and ability to be carefree. So why not do it. Do it today. 


6 thoughts on “Can Black Women Be Carefree? Yes They Can.

  1. This is a very inspiring vlog! I’m glad you’re happy and carefree;-)….I’m carefree and loving it!….that picture of the First Lady in the black dress was beautiful and she did look carefree…..can’t wait to see you Thursday!

    • Oh I know you’re living life to the fullest. I’m so glad for our friendship, it’s really been a blessing to me. I’ll see you Thursday, my mom says can you bring some dinner rolls. You can also bring anything you’d like to drink but I’ve got plenty bottles of Spumante. I’ll contact you later on what time we’ll be by to pick you up.

  2. I have been quietly following your blog from southern California.
    You are a God send. I am a divorced woman(of manyyyy) years and am thinking of getting back out there for a quality relationship but I now see myself as a quality woman.
    Thank you for all of your wise words of encouragement!

    • You’re welcome Linda. I’m glad this blog is helping you as you move into a new phase of life. Finding a wonderful companion is a great thing. When you’re ready to do it, it just makes the whole process more amazing. Good luck and blessings to you on your journey. Please check in, I’d like to know how this goes.

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