Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Black women when you get bad service, do you just complain to your friends or on your blog? It’s time we do more, take some action, write a letter. I’m doing this vlog in conjunction with a blog by Dee Dee Russell of Black Women With Other Brothers. Here’s a link to her article with an example of how you write a complaint letter, good information ladies.


12 thoughts on “Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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  2. Great post. You’re so right. When you write to a company when an employee is rude or ineffective, you’re doing the company a favor and doing a public service. Note down the time, date, any identifying information available, and write in. It’s generating a paper trail. Someone might get away with being rude once or twice if they’re otherwise good employees.

    But usually when someone is acting really out of line, they do it relatively often. And repeated complaints make it pretty obvious to the company that something is not right and its a liability for them.

    If everyone reported serious incidents there would be fewer of these people around. It may not change the people who are being rude but it could change how many of them you have to deal with.

    • Yes, Megira you’re right. The person might not get a better attitude but yes usually these ppl are continual issues at for the business. They need to lose their job but that’s not going to happen if folks are just ‘checking ppl’ no one pays any attention to bw giving the same attitude they are given, they will continue to be disrespected and dismissed. Even better if the person doing the job just had an issue once it probably helps if someone reports it, so they don’t think it’s okay and change their behavior.

  3. I want to thank all you ladies for coming here and telling your story and telling what you did to have the bad service rectified or to report it. Too many ppl think they have no power but I’m here to tell you, your pen and actions have power. Use them, it works. Don’t get used to bad service, don’t phone friend, the time you complain to them, you could have written a letter and gotten real action.

  4. I absolutely agree with you about writing letters and making sure that the owner or head person knows what is going on with their businesses. It’s the only way things change for the better.

    I had a bad experience with a post office manager when I called 2 Winters ago to complain about an employee delivering the mail well after the cutoff time (which is 6pm); the mail was being delivered at 7pm and it was very slippery and dark, due to the season. Because I had had problems with mail and identity theft in the recent past this was very upsetting for me. On top of that, I had fallen and bruised the entire lower left side of my body, on my way back from the mailbox, because I could hardly see where to step. (There are no street lights on that street, btw.) The fall occurred the night before I called to complain. Furthermore, the rest of the year the mail is delivered between 11am and 2pm, so I could think of no plausible reason why the carrier was showing up at or after 7pm, doing the exact same route.

    The person I complained to (a man) was very flippant and I made it known that I did not appreciate his attitude by asking for his name and position. I went online and wrote a detailed letter to the head of the USPS in my state and not only did I get an apology letter back, but the mail carrier who was showing up in the night started delivering in the day time again, and was occasionally followed by a USPS car/suv. I assume that was to determine if there was ever a legitimate reason for the night deliveries in the first place. All in all I was very pleased with the results of that online message.

    Same situation with the manager of the property I was renting at that time — rude, dismissive and slow to fix problems. I wrote to the property’s owner and described to him the additional problems caused by the manager’s slow (or non-existent) maintenance response and now there’s a new manager for all of the owner’s rental properties in my town. Thankfully, the new manager is the exact opposite of the old one.

    • I’ve done the same thing with the post office, I wasn’t getting my mail delivered I complained to the local office but they ignored me. Then I wrote the Post Master General for Seattle. They found my missing mail and I started to get deliveries again after that. It works.

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  6. Totally concur! In the past 4 years, I’ve written more complaint letters than ever. Customer service in general has just gone downhill. Hawaii, outside of “touristy” areas has been the worst thus far. I constantly tell people that bad service will never change (and tends to become progressively worse) unless we take personal action …

    • Yes, it’s getting worse, BW need to speak up. You know one of the best things I learned in my book Boundaries is evil is an active force and most passive ppl are not bad ppl but when they are passive they become complicit moaning and groaning while evil runs rampant is not good. We must become more active, I love doing blogs and vlogs but my actions in my everyday life are much more important. For all o us as bw, take up your pens and go to your computers and write.

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