Is Your Struggle A Turn-On?


I don’t know if it’s just me but I notice damaged people are always in a relationship. They seem to always find options. Is their addiction to drama a turn on to some people?


6 thoughts on “Is Your Struggle A Turn-On?

  1. Makes sense to me. “Damaged” people have voids they want and demand it to be filled somehow! Sadly there are lot of damaged souls needing assistance in this world. They search constantly for others to fill it-very popular option lol! I have seen this alot in my life growing up witnessing family memebers struggles, friends, co-workers, media etc.

    • Yea exactly. What scares me more is I know there a lot of damaged bw out here swirling. Instead of getting help, they’re using the Internet & social media as therapy. It’s inappropriate and I’m seeing more and more bw who date IR with some sad stories of what happens when damaged ppl get together in a relationship.

      • I have a friend, that was upset by a black boyfriend that “did her wrong” and she would tell me that she was now going to date only white men. Inside I would be shaking my head beacause sadly the friend did not know truly realize it was her attracting and allowing poor behavior from the black boyfriend and that a white boyfriend wasn’t going to be any magically better just because she changed colors lol.

        • G.J. I’ve had bw tell me the same thing many times over the 20 yrs I’ve dated/mated interracial. And I do the same thing just shake my head b/c they are convinced it’s all on the guy and that his ‘magical whiteness’ is just going to make it awesome b/c yes I know changing the guy’s face, name & race was not going to do anything. It’s you that has to change and knowing better means doing better.

  2. You are not tripping, you are not paranoid. I recently talked about this subject with a friend of mine. it does make you question if there is something is wrong with you because all the crazy, drama, don’t have their lives together have a guy but we don’t. But I take a look at my happily married normal friends and am reassured that regular folks have relationships too.

    • Yes, I always have hope for my friends who are single with some sense (you being one) but it’s just shocking and surprising how many damaged ppl I see in relationships. They are never alone and they really should be for awhile. So I’m thinking all the struggle talk is just turning some dudes on. Yea folks getting the side-eye on that one.

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