Yes, There’s An Ugly Side Too

Black women dating white men, please be warned that some can and will use their privilege to slander you if you leave them. There’s an ugly side to swirling and I don’t want any of you to experience it like Halle Berry is experiencing now with the beautiful jackass. He got exactly what he deserved. Hey don’t be mad, at least I’m not talking about Chris Brown, train wreck behind.


3 thoughts on “Yes, There’s An Ugly Side Too

  1. I don’t really care for Kola much, but one thing she did say was that Ely is a sand up guy. When I was watching Oprah’s Super Sunday with Tracy McMillan she mentioned her being married to great men two different times, but left them, because she felt something was missing. Then she met and married a man who cheated on her, abused her etc. and it felt right. She later realized that her chaotic childhood affected her relationships. She didn’t feel right when there wasn’t chaos, but with her third husband (of course they are divorced) everything felt right. I wonder if this is the same with Halle

  2. This is such a good topic. I think that there are so many dynamics in this type of scenario. Wow…great job covering all the angles. From the white privilege, white women’s perspective, black men’s perspective and last but no where near least, black women who seem to attack Halle based on her being biracial. So much covered so I will just say, once again, excellent post!

    • Yes, you’ve said it all. I just have to say I find the attacks on her to be malicious, I’m not saying she hasn’t made mistakes she has but some of the stuff I saw was just surprising. I’m particularly surprised at the willful attacks by some black women b/c she’s biracial who date interracial, I keep thinking ‘you know you may have a biracial daughter someday’. It’s pathological. It’s as if they’re holding white men up as the epitome, that once you get a wm as a bw you’re not supposed to make waves b/c well he’s the ultimate. The weird thing of ‘let’s all praise white men’ is bothersome to me,

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