The Social Media Diet

The month of December I will be indulging in a social media diet, I’m about to lose some drama. I read this article a few days ago and what it said resonated with me. So if you want to find me, check out my other blog Sometimes I Write, won’t be any personal blogs or posts just a lot of me writing romance and describing people having sex, which is harder than you think. Check you guys out later and don’t get stressed by this social media mess.


11 thoughts on “The Social Media Diet

    • Well I’m enjoying time off. It’s only been 4 days and they have been nice, just getting prepared for the holiday now. Watching old episodes of Dragnet, the show from the 60s, that show is good and emotionally wrenching. I suggest you stay away from darkside Tumblr, that will scar you for life LOL. And I’m still writing over at the other blog, just no drama I’m relaxing. Hope you’re doing well.

  1. Good for you. I’ll be reading your new stuff enjoy your detox when I read that article last week I cleaned house, personal page is almost empty. BWWOB on FB ends 12/31 comments will be closed just open for browsing like a book that was the plan all along and you are doing the right thing and if I were not a woman of my word I would close it today. Fakebook is …nuts. Folks bite ideas without attribution, trolls stalk, handmaidens send profane hate mail. All in all its been a worthwhile experiment (since July 2, 2012) and makes me have more respect for Halima, Evia and Christelyn cause swirl pages bring out major nuts.

    • Yea I don’t know how ppl do it, it’s too overwhelming for me. Nothing on here is worth me putting up w/ some of the drama I have to put up with, nothing. I’m enjoying my holiday. I certainly appreciated BWWOB it was awesome but I can understand your need to separate from it and folks foolishness.

      • I don’t do twitter per se just have the feed from Fakebook which is out of control and infested with Extra Average BM who obviously don’t have jobs and troll vent and sockpuppet. Their hate of BW is quite clear and the brainwashed sidekick BW are sickening. If I wasn’t working on six films I’d be off of FB period. Also many BW are ungrateful for free advice; our 3 generations of anti-family values have come full circle frankly I can’t wait to close the comment section 12/31. I am constantly surprised at the BM who haunt BW swirl pages their pontification blows my mind as if we give a damn what they think or need their approval. Yes I will be happy to end that experiment and hold the pioneers of BWE/Swirling in high esteem for their bravery.

  2. I understand why you’d take a social media diet. Social media can be great but it sucks when people are meanspirited or get too outraged. I feel like it’s good to have discussions but when there’s too much anger or negativity around it eats away at the quality of the dialogue. Also I find facebook bums me out in general, even the kinds of posts some of my friends do annoy me and bum me out. So I maintain a profile but seldom log on.

    Also, I just wanted to thank you for your videos. I found a lot of good information in them and I appreciate your kind and friendly manner in the videos. I bet you’ve helped a lot of people with them. Thanks! I hope you have a fun and relaxing time next month.

    • Yea FB has been bringing me down lately, it’s been getting cumbersome. I try to shield myself from some of the madness but that don’t work. So time to sign off for a while. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. I look forward to reading the other blog! My social media presence is very small. Twitter is my one stop source for news articles, technical info but in the process I’ve met some interesting people. FB is only limited to people who are actually my friends (my list is tiny 😉 and since I live abroad it’s how I keep in touch with my people.

  4. I understand the need for a break. I usually go on a complete media fast (no tv or internet) once or twice a year myself. You will be surprised how much better your mind and spirit will be after you are done.

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