Lawd Have Mercy, They Hot!-Silver Foxes

Ah I got a thing for men with gray/silver hair, I just do. I don’t know if it’s some kind of daddy complex but I love me some gray hair on men. My dad went gray at the age of 25, I think much of my love for gray hair has to with him. My daddy was a handsome man, maybe one day I’ll show you guys a photo. But anyway back at the ranch, I love gray/silver hair it’s so distinguished and sexy. My husband’s hair is graying and I’m so excited I can’t wait for it gray and then get a little gray in his beard. I know what you all are thinking ‘what the hey is wrong with this girl?’ but like gray/silver hair a girl can’t do anything about what she likes. I don’t think it makes men look older, on the right man it looks amazing. And here today I have some photos of the right men that gray/silver hair look damn good on. I’m telling you if you’re not feeling the gray/silver hair you don’t know what you are missing. But after today, maybe you will. Enjoy the photos and I’ll see you guys in a month.

john_slattery_03John Slattery of Mad Men, oh I love it!


George Clooney, I can’t say I’ve always been a fan of his looks but I love that gray hair and beard.

MichaelMcDonaldMichael McDonald not only do I love his silver hair, I love his voice and them baby blues.

images (15)

Rick Fox, yea he’s the silver fox look at there!

(Newscom TagID: wennphotos040390)Sam Elliot, I’ve loved this man since I was teen and he’s got a voice that melt butter. Melts mine.


And there he is my man, Anderson Cooper, he’s the foxiest of the Silver foxes. I know he’s gay but I can always dream.





12 thoughts on “Lawd Have Mercy, They Hot!-Silver Foxes

  1. I need a Clooney in my world! Never even was a fan…until I found out he is a total sweetie and so full of character. Um…he was ok when he was dark but silverish….he is sooooo sexy and I wanna eat him up!

  2. I’m pleased to see that two of my favourite silver haired men – Anderson Cooper and George Clooney made the list.
    Sam Elliot has priceless vocal chords and knows how to use them. I could listen to him all day long.

  3. I love Sam Elliot. *.* He has a wonderful deep voice that’s great for narrating western shows and documentaries. I love him in cowboy movies, especially Tombstone.

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