Which One?-Battle of the Six Packs

A few years ago this one would have been amazingly easy for me, like nothing. Now, not so much, oh the sexy responsible one and this other one with the wolffish grin. I’m torn, I’m just so unsure. So tell me, if you could, which one? Please include your reasons.
I really could do half naked men on this all day.


Hugh Jackman



Joe Maganiello

11 thoughts on “Which One?-Battle of the Six Packs

  1. Hugh Jackman, he’s a renaissance man. He can sing, dance and act, did y’all see him give Barbara Walters that lap dance, please. I was sprung after that, he’s just gorgeous. And he’s got the stink of responsibility all over him, very heady.

  2. Cool, can’t wait!!..& a funny thing just happened, I detached my extra-speaker thingy from my laptop and not paying attention/being klutzy, I hit the keyboard and my Amazon Wishlist clicked from the bookmark bar. The pic of HJ was the photo ‘item’ in the wishlist. LMAO

    Ok, I guess I like that photo more than I consciously thought. :S

  3. I’ll pick Jackman even though I’m guessing Joe M. is in better shape. Why? H.J.’s face, coloring, voice, persona(‘cos, gosh, who really knows from a celeb’s actual personality?). Actually, I’m not a big-time muscle/bod fangirl (my 1st husband was a gym nut with the fab bod but it didn’t ultimately score any extra points w/ me) …but I do appreciate the occasional ‘beefcake’ pic of an otherwise attractive guy.^.^

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