Which One?-Blonde Delight

Okay, okay I’m supposed to be on social media diet but I’ve come up with a brilliant idea. I know a lot of ladies read this blog and some of you don’t comment but I really want you to so maybe this will get some of you out of your hidey holes. I love good looking men, I can appreciate some male beauty that’s one reason I married my husband, he’s a sweetie but hell he’s handsome as all get out. Perfect Scandanavian features, nice full lips, perfect nose and those baby blues just melt me. I can’t wait till he gets some more gray in that beard it’s gonna be on.

So in all my male beauty appreciation I like a lot of famous beautiful faces but it’s never easy to decide if I had to choose who’s the hottest. I have my personal favorites but I want your input. Yes, ladies WHICH ONE is all for you every couple of days I’ll come with two choices, maybe three of hot male actor/singer/athlete you know, hot dude and ask you which one you’d choose if you had to and why. Why is the most important part, no need to be philosophical or even moral, this is for pure fun. So which one would you let eat crackers on your bed. This post is dedicated to blonde delight because I love blonde men. So which one and don’t forget to tell me why.


Brad Pitt



Daniel Craig


19 thoughts on “Which One?-Blonde Delight

  1. Man — can i have them both?

    Older Brad and Craig are just delicious. The weathered face the mesmerizing eyes why oh why must I choose?

    Sigh — I’ll go with the father of six, that just pushes his sexy over the edge. I like him with the silver in his beard too.

  2. Okay so now I’ll answer, Brad Pitt, all day, every day and two times on Sunday. I love this man been loving him since Thelma and Louise. He’s my man, my pretend baby daddy. He’s aging like fine wine and he just seems like a genuinely nice and sweet guy. I’ve heard that about him. He’s beautiful and if my husband go down in a plane crash and him and Angie break up, it’s on. Because I know he likes the sistas.

  3. Daniel Craig.
    He is ruggedly handsome and has ‘the look’ that promises no holds barred smouldering passion!
    He has a confident and determined demeanor that tells you he doesn’t have to ask and yes he’ll set every nerve on your body on fire.

  4. It’s a tough decision. They seem like such different men. Brad seems like he’d be more fun, but Daniel seems like he’d be more passionate and mature. Hmm… I choose Daniel Craig.

  5. umm, Pitt if I have to choose from those two(Why? I guess because Brad’s just generically cuter…so if the two had equal personalities etc, Pitt would be a nicer to look at, IMO, more than Craig)

    *However*, A. Skarsgaard is my current fave blond. ❤


    & in the somewhat embarrassing Blond Blast from the Past category, I liked:

    Leif Garrett

    Daryl Hall(sometimes his hair looked reddish, more strawberry blond, I guess?)

    Christopher Atkins

    William Katt



    Apologies for posting a book here! :p LOL

  6. Daniel Craig, hands down, but without the cig. The man is hotter than the sun! I didn’t like him, at first but when I saw him in “Cowboys and Aliens”, that was it.

    • I’m sorry! I was drooling so hard, I forgot to add why. I’m married to a blond-haired, blue-eyed man so it goes without saying that I love that look. I’ll admit that in my younger days, I was all about the dark men (Pierce Brosnan types) but when I saw my husband, all bets were off. Daniel Craig, like my husband, has these strong undercurrents of smoldering hotness. One doesn’t notice it, at first and may not even like it but, as time passes, it seems to melt even the iciest of hearts.

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