Which One?-X-Men of Ecstasy

I am having a good time with this. So I love the X-men franchise and I adore these two but which do you adore more? One I’ve known about for awhile and I was smitten, the other I just discovered when X-Men: First Class premiered. Okay so sometimes I’m behind. One I admire for his good taste, the other just looks like he might taste good. So which is it for you and why?


Michael Fassbender



James McAvoy


9 thoughts on “Which One?-X-Men of Ecstasy

  1. Fassbender … he played the heck out of Magneto. I had no idea who he was before that movie and didn’t understand the hype. McAvoy is too damn cerebral (as befitting Prof X) but sorry Fassy can break him over his thighs.

  2. I’m little ashamed to say this but I’m going purely on sex appeal on this one, Fassy. Why Fassbender because he just looks a tad dangerous and it’s a little bit of a turn-on.

  3. Fassbender wins on a technicality (and my capricious whim), his beard is grown out more so than McAvoy and it is more pronounced which makes him look sexier!

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