The Strange World of Tumblr

I’ve joined tumblr, the best I can say is it’s interesting, way more than any other social media I’ve been a part of it. They are not shy on there, they let it all hang out. But the best part is you don’t have to join to enjoy or just look at and wander how you found yourself there. So join Married Girl In a Weird World on tumblr, you may find out a lot more about me or you may not. Remember you don’t have to join, you can just look it’s all out in the open there, the good, the bad and the ugly.


12 thoughts on “The Strange World of Tumblr

    • I’m fascinated and disturbed all at the same time. I’m telling you I saw a photo of a person doing something that I thought was impossible, even Mr. Berg was like ‘wow I didn’t think you could do that, I guess you can.’

  1. tumblr is a wonderful place for everything. Once though, I saw some things that would be curated in a museum of horrors. So I stopped searching for stuff on tumblr.

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