Which One?-A Hot Manwich

Yea I’m not even sure how folks are gonna pick because really all I keep thinking is me in the middle of a hot man sandwich. Lord sweet baby Jesus, I gotta go have a cigarette. Talk amongst yourselves, which one and why? And why have they both played Superman, oh I forgot. Swoon!


Brandon Routh



Henry Cavill


5 thoughts on “Which One?-A Hot Manwich

  1. I will have to ponder this one. They are both too damn pretty for words. Their eyes suck you in for different reasons,

    Brandon eye’s are like chocolate pools and Henry’s are like the wide open. Since it’s a man-wich can I have both?

  2. This was hard even for me but I gotta go with Cavill. I mean look at that, that kind of fine is all kinds of stupid and ignorant. It makes not a lick of sense for someone to be that dang sexy. I remember him from ‘Count of Monte Cristo’ he was cute then. Never thought all this would happen but I’m glad it did.

  3. Cavill! Loved him in The Tudors!

    & Speaking of manwiches, i loooove this scene from True Blood

    tho’ it’d be better for me with ‘Sam'(Sam Trammell) and ‘Eric’ … or to keep things vampy ‘Edward Cullen’ (Robert Pattinson) and ‘Eric’ :p

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