Which One?-Elementary My Dear, Watson

I had to do this, I enjoy doing comparisons of men who are in some way related in looks or having worked together. These two are different but I can see this being a difficult one. I like dirty boys, not literally dirty just dirty in spirit. *Wink, wink, nod, nod* So these two men starred in ‘Sherlock Holmes’ together, I didn’t see either movie but hell they’re still sexy as all get-out. So who would you give a little time with and why would you give them your time?


Jude Law



Robert Downey Jr.


11 thoughts on “Which One?-Elementary My Dear, Watson

  1. Been in love with RDJ since a movie called Chances Are. There is no contest. He’s funny, sexy, and a great actor. Jude Law has nice eyes but that’s it.

  2. On a meatsuit basis only(not considering gossip etc), I’d pick Jude.

    can’t really say why..just a gut/groin feeling. lolz umm eyes, accent, smile. R.D. jr. is sharp and I get his appeal in an abstract sense but I don’t swoon.

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