Which One?-Smokin’ Bros

I am ashamed to say, I did not know these two were even brothers. But I’m putting them up against one another. Choosing between brothers, now is the time. Which brother would you choose? And why play favorites? Only because we can.


Chris Hemsworth



Liam Hemsworth


21 thoughts on “Which One?-Smokin’ Bros

  1. Thor! Oh I mean Chris, the eyes, the beard, those arms (have you seen him wielding the Hammer of Thor) that voice. He has a cute yet wicked smile and his eyes twinkle. Yeah I have a thing for smiles and eyes.

    Liam is just a wee bit young and innocent looking I feel like I am looking at one of my cousins and planning debauchery. Eeww

  2. You know, they are both cute and I’m doing this because of age but I saw a pic of Chris Hemsorth and it’s on my tumblr and I damn near passed out he was so fine. Chris Hemsworth all the way.

  3. Chris Hemsworth. He has a roguish sex appeal. All buff and tough! Those blue eyes and that sprouting and maintained beard all work for me.

  4. Chris is the man. His hotness factor and his voice work for me. Even in something as innocuous as “Snow White and the Huntsman” (I saw that because of him; not my usual type of movie), he shined through the dirty, drunken, has-been warrior he played. I think he could easily replace James Earl Jones doing voiceovers. I’d love to hear him say, “This is CNN.”

  5. ummm, another “none of the above” but if I had to choose, I’d pick Liam. yes, cradle-robbing as per usual but I like his face better.

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