Which One?-The Hot Chrises

I do like to do a hot pair of men with the same name. It’s odd because like the Ryans to me, these two men with the same first name to me in a way are comparatively similar. They both have played iconic characters, one a superhero, the other Captain James T. Kirk and they’re both really hot and they look similar. So yes I like to make the choice difficult, at least it seems for me because you ladies seem very definitive. And although I haven’t told you any of my choices in these games of WHICH ONE? I’ve been surprised by yours and the sets that have your attention. So here we go, which one and why? At some point, I’ll come back and give you my choices but for now I’ll keep you guessing.


Chris Evans



Chris Pine

9 thoughts on “Which One?-The Hot Chrises

  1. Evans is definitely pretty but I’m going to go with Pines because of the twinkle in those eyes. Plus he made me like Capt. Kirk (I can’t stand Shatner) and that gives him mucho points in this Trekkie’s eyes 🙂

  2. I’m so surprised by these results. I’m going to have to call some of you a little blind. LOL. Look at Chris Evans, look at that, his body is smokin’ hot and them bedroom eyes and them lips, them lips. My hubby has lips like that. I could lick his body down and not miss a crack. Look at them lips, they look like they could suck the skin right off a lemon. Aww lord Jesus, give me strength.

  3. Pine!! Dreamy eyes, just all around edible cuteness. The Cap’n Kirk thing helps a lot for me too! *waves to kpfears*! Evans is ‘aiiight’ but does nothing for me.

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