Which One?-Gray Foxes

I still love gray hair, love it and I adore these two men. I love older hot men and nothing like a man that ages nicely. These two have done that. Now if you like ‘me older and wiser like I do, which one would you pick? And why that gray fox?


Sam Elliott



Jeff Bridges

9 thoughts on “Which One?-Gray Foxes

  1. Imma have to go with Sam Elliott, all that nice silver hair and that deep manly timbre in his voice. I’m sorry he could read the phone book and I’d just sit there and swoon.

  2. Believe it or not this a hard choice for me to make. I’ve been crushing on both men since I was a little girl. Elliot in Mask and Bridges in The Fab Baker Brothers & Against all Odds. I’m sorry Eugenia but I can not pick. Just can’t. Both are effortlessly sexy and have a great head of hair. How can I chose?

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