Which One?-Island Men

Here in the Pacific Northwest there are a lot of island boys, why I have no idea. My thought would be the weather here would not draw folks from beautiful sunny islands. But I love them, that beautiful skin, they have a look all their own and it’s darn sexy. Now of my island men, who would you choose? Remember to say why, one reason would be a trip the islands. At least for me.


Jason Momoa



Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

15 thoughts on “Which One?-Island Men

  1. Dwayne, I love the Rock always have, he’s just beautiful. I do mean beautiful, that smile and everything. Now I don’t usually like ’em that buff but he’s fine and yes that smile just brings me immense joy. I could watch it and him all day long.

  2. You really expect me to choose between yummy and yummy? *Sigh* If I must I’ll go with the Rock. I love, love, love, did I mention I love his smile? The body doesn’t hurt too but his smile makes me smile, it lights up a room. So yeah Dwayne can get the drawers with just his smile.

    Then Jason, oh Jason drawl to me and give me that intense stare and it’s on like donky kong.

    But yeah. I’ll go with DJ>JM

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