Which One?-Model Attack

I have a thing for slim and sexy men well really I got a thing for hot men. But I slim men very sexy, not bony but slim. These two are recent discoveries, one from a stripper movie and well the other plays a vampire. I’m not interested in their acting, I’m interested in knowing which one you think is slim and sexy or just sexy. Tell me why he’s sexy too, why don’t you. Oh yea something else they’re both European.


Alexander Skarsgard



Alex Pettyfer


15 thoughts on “Which One?-Model Attack

  1. Skasgard! That body (just look at his shirt clinging to all the right places), those piercing eyes, that long neck and sculpted face. Skasgard is sexy without trying.

  2. Pettyfer,

    There is just something about that face. You know I have a thing for big and buff but that slim physique is quite lovely too and his face is interesting. Pouty lips (h chile he better know how to use them too), those sunken eyes that have such secrets.

    Yeah, does that answer your question?


  3. Skarsgaaaaaaaaaaard!! LOL ~ ‘cos of height, eyes, coloring, manner(he actually seems like a decent guy)…he’s not the most classically handsome IMO of my crushes but I just..unf. 😛

    …He’s everyday folks-sort-of-cute like Gary Oldman. & For some reason that drives me crazy. Well, I’m already crazy but they don’t help. ^.^

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