3 Things I’ve Learned About Tumblr


Woot woot! It’s been a party as I’ve been setting up and getting to know tumblr. Here are three things I’ve learned about tumblr.

1. Be careful about clicking on links. You can click on something you think might be innocent and keep clicking and end up in WTF Land. I saw something the other day that I didn’t think it was possible human beings to do but there was the photo.

2. Gay men got the best photos blogs of hot men. Hey there might be some homoerotic stuff included but I’ll overlook that because their photos are hot in the street, for real though.

3. Speaking of gay men with the best photo blogs of hot men, ladies do not be fooled, don’t believe the hype. White men are packing, I got photos to prove.

Have fun exploring tumblr. Oh and black women stop taking naked photos of yourself with your head in the picture, just dumb.


5 thoughts on “3 Things I’ve Learned About Tumblr

  1. Hmmm…photos of WM packing? I am in and how can I be down? Lolz! An unmarried girl in this weird world needs all the eye candy she can get!

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