Which One?-Painted Studs

I do love tattoos just in general but I adore them on hot men. For the life of me I cannot get my husband to get one. But tats are just sexy. I’ve got two tatted up sexy men, which one is sexier? What you like about them tatted boys?


Adam Levine



Tom Hardy


6 thoughts on “Which One?-Painted Studs

  1. This one was tough, real tough, I mean real tough. I just love tatted men. So it’s always hard for me not to be attracted to any man with tattoos, they draw me. But if I had to do it, if I had to I’d go with Tom Hardy. Something about him just makes me want to stay locked in a bedroom with him for many, many days. I’m sure he could do some damage. He seems sort of kinky, well maybe not seems, I think he is.

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