Which One?-Pretty Boys

I love pretty men, not handsome but pretty. I mean men that have sort of feminine features but remain masculine. It’s not easy to pull off that look, it’s perplexing sexiness. It’s not androgyny it’s just these delicate features on a manly face. I have no idea why I find so enticing but I do. So I’m giving two versions of delicate manliness to make your choice from, which one is it ladies? Don’t forget your why.


Cillian Murphy



Johnny Depp


16 thoughts on “Which One?-Pretty Boys

  1. Cillian looks like a serial killer to me. Sorry ladies, there is something crazed in his eyes and when I saw him running in Bend it Like Beckem (he was the soccer coach) any cuteness died. He ran like a girlie girl.

    Now Johnny is all weirness too but that makes his dark eyes and smile mesmerizing instead of creepy (except in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory).

  2. I’m sorry but Johnny Depp, I can’t give up my teen crushes especially when they’re aging so nicely. I can’t lie Cillian has some beautiful eyes, it’s hard to overlook that. But Johnny Depp is just, well he’s just Johnny Depp. So beautiful and versatile, I mean the man made pirates sexy. He’s got a gorgeous voice and looks good in a hat or a scarf on his head. Yea, I’m giving it up for Johnny.

  3. C.M. ~ Eyes, lips, skin, bones…everything. He’s got that whole lovely dewy euroness(well irishness) going on too. + a nice voice… le sigh.

    He’s just ridiculously fine to me. >.<

    Depp? meh.

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