Which One?-TV Hunks

I am so enjoying doing this. It’s always been a fascination to me that if two relevantly hot guys walked into a bar and chatted me up, which one would I choose. Now it’s become quite apparent that some of us have had the same dilemma in our minds. So next up are two television stars, one is my Hot Jesus and the other is Mr. Go-to if you want a love interest for interracial involving a black woman. Hey, I call them like I see them. So which one and why?


Michael Vartan



Jim Caviezel


10 thoughts on “Which One?-TV Hunks

  1. Eugenia you’ve presented some tough choices over the last couple of days but this one was my toughest.
    On the one hand, Michael Vartan is hot, fun and lovable he looks ready to wink at you for any reason and for none.
    Jim Caviezel on the other hand is hot, lovable and has a serious intensity about him.
    Two men with good bodies, heads of dark hair, nice eyes – all attributes I love.
    I’ll take Michael Vartan (I still love you Jim Caviezel!) because I just love a man with a pocket full of sunshine (figuratively speaking).

  2. Hot Jeezus for me please and thank you! I have hotted for him even more sinfully since he played Jesus on the big screen! I repented and went back to it! I will be in purgatory for a minute on that one!

  3. I like both, but Jim Caviezel has an intensity and a voice that I really love, and Person of Interest is one of my favorite shows. Plus, he was the perfect choice to play Edmond in the Count of Monte Cristo, which is one of my favorite novels of all time.

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