I’ll Have to Continue

I’ll have to do some of the remaining WHICH ONE? on tomorrow. I’m sorry with the stuff that just happened in Newtown, CT I’m not feeling silly or happy. It’s just too much, I don’t know what this world is coming to. Please pray and if you don’t pray send your thoughts of love for those families. I can’t imagine during this time of year losing your child, planning their Christmas and now having to plan their funeral. I have a six year old niece in kindergarten, she’s the joy of our lives, I couldn’t imagine losing her. It’s a lot of folks that need prayer right now. I don’t want to debate, this is not the time. People have loss people they love, just lets mourn for the dead. Show some respect. I’m sick to my stomach, this I unspeakably tragic. Pray for anyone, anywhere around the world that lost a child to today senseless violence. And please hug the children you love tonight, hell hug anyone you love tonight. It’s just enough dammit, it’s just enough! This was from The Daily Love today. Image


8 thoughts on “I’ll Have to Continue

    • I know. I try so bad to focus on the positive but it’s hard to find any sometimes.
      We all have to do something. We have to, this is no time to sit on our hands. People’s kids and loved ones are being killed like this country is damn war zone, it don’t make no sense.

      • So many freaking questions…why would a kinder-garden teacher with a mentally ill child have such weapons in her home?
        Why did security guards allow him to enter the school when he was dressed like he was ready for war?
        I’m all for stronger gun laws, but you can’t have that without touching on mental health…these people are clear insane.
        I’m sorry, I went on a tangent….

        • Yes, this is a mental health issue and gun control issue. It’s both. But the sad part is that no one wants to discuss this reasonably and no one wants to do anything about either one. It’ll just be a lot of lip service and shit will continue on just as it always has.

  1. OMG, my husband came home & just told me about this (I’ve been trying a news TV media diet and didn’t have NPR on today) WTH?!! God, I just don’t know sometimes. :<
    Prayers for the victims and their families &friends. This is just unreal and evil.

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