The Social Media Diet Will Continue

This is the last day of WHICH ONE? I still have a couple to do but after today I will be going back on social media diet. I have binged enough this week just having fun and being silly with you guys. I appreciate that you let me be silly and don’t judge for my slip up. But yes I don’t want to have this take up much more time. Anyway, I think I’ll include this in my weekly offerings when I come back to blogging. I’m willing to take suggestions for who you think should go up against who. So enjoy this for the remainder of the day then I’ll see you guys in 2013.


2 thoughts on “The Social Media Diet Will Continue

  1. Being silly is my favorite thing, next to ogling cute guys online. It’s been a lot of fun! 😀

    some ‘Which One ‘ suggestions: R. Fiennes vs J. Fiennes, Tim Roth vs Gary Oldman, Bowie vs. Jagger (in flashback/youth maybe, lolz), “Luke Spencer” vs “Noah Drake”, Daniel Radcliffe vs. Elijah Wood, “Screech”(Saved By the Bell) vs. “Horshack”(Welcome Back, Kotter) hahaha well maybe not LOL… ummm, Logan Marshall-Green vs. Tom Hardy, Russell Crowe vs. Gerard Butler, & Shaun Cassidy vs David Cassidy(throwback of course).

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